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    ReachLocal Reviews: Clients Love Our Mobile App

    Last updated 1 year ago

    We recently launched the ReachLocal App to help our clients see the ROI of their ReachLocal online marketing efforts. This mobile app puts clients’ leads in the palm of their hands, enabling them to get alerts, play back calls, and get detailed reports about their marketing performance while on the go. Here’s what three of our clients have to say about how the ReachLocal App is already impacting their business.

    Ferrari Driving School

    “The mobile app has been tremendous for us. We just started using it two weeks ago, but immediately we saw the value. And, all of our management team is using it, and we’re using it to track our calls as they come in.” – Michelangelo Pinto, Vice President 


    Texas Best Fence

    “The ReachLocal mobile app is outstanding… You can actually go back and listen to the calls; you know exactly where it’s coming from, and bam—there’s your lead generation and so there’s your ROI.” – Colby Coward, Owner


    Midway Car Rental

    “I can listen to it in the car in traffic, easily listen to the calls, and know what I want to discuss the following day with employees – and you're not confided to using it in an office." - Beth Eidman, Director of Website Operations


    For more ReachLocal Reviews, check out our reviews playlist on YouTube. And, to learn more about the mobile app, visit the ReachLocal App page on our website, or if you’re a ReachLocal client, download it for free on Android or Apple today.

    If you’re already using the ReachLocal App, let us know what you love about it by leaving us a comment!

    Checking Out New Places with Foursquare Ratings

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Following a recent iOS update, Foursquare added a new ratings system to its Explore feature. This new ratings system will give Foursquare users a quick glance at how much people like the businesses featured in Explorer’s personalized recommendations on both mobile and PC versions.

    Unlike other review sites like Yelp and Google+ Local, Foursquare utilizes its tips, likes, dislikes, loyalty, and actual check-ins to create a score from 1 to 10 for each location listed.  Check out this blog from VentureBeat blog to learn more about these new Foursquare ratings

    Are you using Foursquare as part of your online marketing strategy? What do you think about the new ratings feature? Let us know in a comment!  

    About the Author

    Tara Banda writes about how small business owners can reach local customers through online marketing for the ReachLocal blog. You can connect with her on Twitter

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    ReachLocal: We Know Halloween

    Last updated 1 year ago

    This year, ReachLocal employees went all out for Halloween. We saw some of the most creative costumes, including trending topics in social media, politics, and of course, lots of zombies, as well as some of the most creative pumpkin carving around. Check out our photo gallery to see all the great Halloween costumes and pumpkins from our offices around the globe!

    • DallasServices
    • Katniss
    • DallasWinners
    • GroupofZombies
    • Marketing
    • ZombiePrincesses
    • SaturdayNightFever
    • TeamSpirit
    • Wilfred
    • 2ndPlce
    • 1stPlce
    • 3rdPlce

    From the displays in any department or retail stores, Halloween has officially replaced Thanksgiving as the official kickoff of the holiday season. And if you are planning any seasonal promotions, we’ve got some great tips you should keep in mind.

    Are you ready for the holidays? Let us know in the comments! And, don’t forget to check out the rest of our images on our Facebook page.

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    About the Author

    Tara Banda writes about how small business owners can reach local customers through online marketing for the ReachLocal blog. You can connect with her on Twitter.




    4 Scary Content Marketing Snafus That Can Hurt Your Business – And How to Avoid Them

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Today, many big brands and small businesses alike are leveraging content marketing to build and optimize their Web Presence. This often means managing and publishing content across multiple platforms, including your website, business blog, and social media accounts, which can sometimes result in mistakes that can be harmful to your business. So, in honor of Halloween, here are four scary content marketing snafus that have actually happened – so your business can avoid them.

    1. Using Copyrighted Images
    When it comes to your business’ Web presence, it’s critical to produce unique, sharable content to increase engagement with your customers and prospects. But one huge mistake many businesses make is posting copyrighted images. If you’re searching on Google and copying the images that show up in the search results, you may be using an unlicensed image on your public pages, which can result in legal action if you fail to remove the images or pay for their use. 

    How to Avoid it: To be sure the images you post on your website, blog, or other pages are legitimate, you can source them from a stock photography site like iStockphoto, take your own photos, or find images online that have a Creative Commons license. 

    2. Not Claiming All Your Social Profiles
    As a local business, one critical mistake you could make is neglecting to claim all your profiles on social media or directories – or worse, not checking to see if they are already claimed by someone else.  For instance, when Netflix launched its DVD-by-mail service Qwikster last year, it failed to check the @qwikster Twitter account, which was already owned by someone else whose tweets were less than professional.

    How to Avoid It: If you are starting out with a new business, it’s vital to not only decide on a website domain name, but also to verify that the social profiles you want on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are available. Claim these as soon as possible before a competitor or other entity snatches them up. 

    3. Tweeting from the Wrong Account
    In order to keep your professional accounts professional, be extremely cautious to make sure everything you post is an accurate representation of your brand.  It’s very easy to make a mistake like posting a personal update to a site like Facebook or Twitter – just ask the Red Cross or Chrysler, two brands that have experienced the accidental tweet.

    How to Avoid It: First, make sure that you have a strategy in place to monitor and manage your social media profiles. If you manage a personal and a corporate Twitter accounts, use two different applications on your desktop and mobile device to avoid mistakes. You could also take advantage a service like ReachCast, our Web marketing service that monitors your social media profiles and publishes content and social updates on your behalf. If a rogue tweet or post does surface, delete the post and apologize for the gaffe as quickly as possible to save face with your fans and followers, and make sure you have a social media policy in place for handling any such occurrences with your staff.

    4. Newsjacking a Sensitive Topic
    Many brands recently have come under fire for what is referred to as “newsjacking,” or using a popular or trending topic to promote their brand, product, or service.  For instance, this week alone, big brands like Gap and American Apparel have been called out on social media sites for posting insensitive tweets that used Hurricane Sandy to advertise sales.

    How to Avoid It: Before you try to capitalize on a catastrophic event, think about the potential backfire it could cause with not only consumers, but also the entire online community.  If in doubt, it’s best not to post anything at all.

    What major content marketing or social media mistakes have you seen from your favorite brands or local businesses? Let us know in a comment.

    About the Author

    Tamara Weintraub helps equip small business owners with information about local online advertising, social media, and content marketing as a writer for the ReachLocal blog.

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    3 SEO Tips Every Multi-location Business Needs to Know

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Some local businesses operate as part of a franchise system, as a brand licensee, or underneath a corporate structure with many locations across a country or region. As with all other businesses, high organic search engine rankings resulting from search engine optimization (SEO) can be a profitable driver of traffic to your website or blog. All the basics of SEO still apply, but franchises and multi-location businesses face additional challenges. So, here are three key tips for increasing your local pages’ ranks in the local search engine results.

    1) Avoid Duplicate Content

    Whether your website is part of the corporate site or stands on its own, repetition of company “boilerplate” descriptions can be problematic for search engine rankings. Google and other search engines look for unique content and penalize the duplication of articles or language across multiple sites in order to serve more varied and higher quality search results. Both duplicate content within a website and across websites can be detected.

    However, most corporate brands with multiple locations encourage consistency in the language used to describe products and services in order to reinforce the brand, leading to duplicate content. So in order to avoid being penalized, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team suggests that multi-location business websites include unique location information along with some localized content and, “they should be fine.”

    To avoid creating duplicate content, you could include references to your location or indicate service areas such as “downtown Metropolis,” or “on the lake in northern Metropolis” in your local page’s content. Other ideas for localized unique content include the history of that location, management names or special offers.  For example, “Owner John Doe has been tossing pizza dough in the historic Jones building in Western Suburb since 2005.” Make sure you are choosing 3-5 local keywords to optimize for on your blog or site.

    2) Use a Unique URL for Each Location’s Page  

    To help search engines display the most relevant local results, each location’s web page should have a unique URL that includes a geographic marker, such as the city or state. For example, the Dallas location of a dog groomer could choose a URL like or You also want to make sure the main corporate website links to these URLs to drive quality traffic to those local pages. Here are a few other things every website needs.

    3) Claim Directory Listings and Social Media Pages

    You should claim your local directory listings for each location on sites such as Google+ Local (formerly Google Places), Yahoo! and Bing, and kept updated regularly to get found in local search. Other local directories to consider include Yelp, MerchantCircle, SuperMedia, LocalPages, and Citysearch to maximize your visibility to local consumers.  

    Another tactic to increase your business’s rank in search results include leveraging social media profiles for each location since having a social media presence is a strong signal to Google that a given business deserves to rank well. Most franchises or corporate brands have issued or are considering policies and guidelines on the use of social media, so check with your corporate office to see what resources they can provide.

    ReachLocal has dedicated teams that work specifically with multi-location businesses and franchises to help them grow their business online. If you have any questions or comments about how ReachLocal can help you market your multi-location business, let us know in a comment!

    About the Author

    Karen Platt Bearman specializes in marketing related to vertical markets, franchises, and multi-location businesses at ReachLocal. 

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