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    What Does the Consumer Buying Process Look Like For Your Business?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    In the old days (15 years ago), the Consumer Buying Process was fairly straightforward. And for the most part, businesses were in control: they advertised or “pushed” their message to consumers through traditional media (like newspapers, magazines, tv, radio and more) and could expect a consumer to purchase their product or service as a result of effective marketing.

    But as local consumers began using the Internet in record numbers to surf, search and socialize online, it made a business owner’s job of reaching them a lot harder than it used to be.

    Today, instead of a simple straight path like the old Buying Funnel model proposed, it’s more like a spiral. Consumers are influenced by many sources online (like advertising, search results, blogs, YouTube videos, consumer reviews, check-ins and social media updates) as they go through the Buying Process until making a final purchase – and even after the purchase, as well. So if a business owner today were to trace where that final sale came from, the answer could arguably be: “everywhere.”

    Hear how our Senior VP of Marketing, Todd Ebert, explains the new Consumer Buying Process.

    To take a deeper dive and understand how to create an action plan using the Consumer Buying Process to get more local customers online, view and download Todd’s detailed presentation on Slideshare. (Be sure to read the speaker notes which provide a detailed narrative for the presentation.)

    How do you think the Consumer Buying Process will impact the way your business can reach today’s digital consumer? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

    Angela Epley writes about online advertising & web presence for the ReachLocal blog, which focuses on small business online marketing strategies.

    ReachLocal Three-Peats on Deloitte's Fast 500

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Three years ago we nearly dropped our fork when we heard that ReachLocal debuted No. 1 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™ list – an annual ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America. With over 146,050% growth, ReachLocal was the first Internet company to be ranked No. 1 since Google’s appearance on the list in 2004. We repeated on the 2010 Fast 500 list while earning the top spot for the Los Angeles region.

    This year Deloitte again recognizes ReachLocal with our third appearance on the list with a ranking of 101 out of 500 companies, and fifth in the Los Angeles region.

    While we love the accolades, we love our customers and employees even more. After all, it’s because of them that our appearances on these lists is even possible.

     David Glaubke is the director of corporate communications for ReachLocal and works out of the corporate headquarters in Woodland Hills, California.


    Top YouTube Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Videos

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Making and posting YouTube videos is an easy and cost-effective way to build your brand online, engage with consumers, and showcase the life of your local business. So, how can you create and optimize your videos for organic search, social shares, and website conversion? We’ve put together our top YouTube blog posts to help you get the most from your videos.

    1. YouTube Your Local Business: Why Online Video Matters
    There are many benefits to creating videos for your brand. For one, creating and uploading videos for your business can boost your discoverability online. And not only can you optimize your YouTube videos for organic search on YouTube and search engines like Google, but video is also a highly engaging type of content that can drive social shares and word of mouth as well as improve conversion when embedded on your social profiles, blog, or native website. So, determine what you want to accomplish online, so you can determine what types of videos to create and share.

    2. Intro to Online Video: 6 Tips for Creating Engaging Video
    Before marketing your business online with video, you first have to know which elements make your videos most effective. This post offers six easy tips for preparing, filming, editing, and sharing your videos online, so you can make sure you are showing your business, products, and services in the best possible light.

    3. YouTube SEO: Four Easy Tips to Boost Video Views
    Creating fun, engaging, and educational videos is only the first step; you also have to make sure your prospects are finding your videos online. One way to do this is to optimize for search engines so your videos can appear in organic search results on both YouTube and Google. In this post, we examine the four key areas of search engine optimization (SEO) – titles, descriptions, tags, and viewer settings – that help more consumers find and view your videos online. 

    4. Steal these YouTube Title Words to Get More Video Views
    The title of your video lets your audience and search engines know what it is about, so your title must appeal to both people and algorithms. Search engines read your title to determine its relevancy in search results, while consumers want to know if your video looks helpful, interesting, or entertaining. So, that means your video must have both a keyword-optimized title as well as one that is compelling to your target audience. This post provides some of the most compelling words you can use to help your videos get more clicks and views.

     5. YouTube Annotation Tips to Increase Video Views
    To help your videos stand out and increase engagement on your YouTube channel, consider adding annotations. Annotations are native to YouTube, and allow you to add text and links that drive consumer interest and interaction. Read this post to learn how to add interesting text, like information about your social media profiles or a call to action, as well as links to other YouTube videos or your channel – all using the YouTube annotation feature.

     Which YouTube video tips do you find the most effective to promote your business online? Share your favorites with a comment!

    Tamara Weintraub helps equip small business owners with information about local online advertising, social media marketing, and more as a blogger for ReachCast and ReachLocal.

    Lifetime Customer Value Case Study: Starbucks [Infographic]

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Acquiring a new customer doesn’t just amount to a single transaction at your business. Often, customers may return for repeat services, to purchase additional products, and even tell friends and family about your business, driving new referrals that can lead to even more new customers. All of these transactions over time add up to the lifetime value of a typical customer.

    To illustrate this point, take a look at this infographic that explores the lifetime customer value of an average Starbucks patron. 


    Takeaway for your local business: understanding your potential lifetime customer value will help you pinpoint the right marketing mix and budget to not only acquire new customers, but also to strengthen customer retention and referrals. For example, you know certain customer acquisition tactics (like search engine advertising) are critical, but adding content marketing or online reputation management to your overall strategy could amplify word of mouth and referrals, boosting the potential value of every customer.

    What does lifetime customer value look like for your business? Take a moment to calculate the value of your customers – then let us know in a comment!

    Tamara Weintraub helps equip small business owners with information about local online advertising, social media marketing, and more as a blogger for ReachCast and ReachLocal.

    ReachLocal Reviews: Hear What Our Customers Have to Say [Videos]

    Last updated 2 years ago

    At ReachLocal, we love to hear what our customers have to say about our online marketing services, and we're extremely proud of the latest reviews our clients have given us. Check out our most recent testimonial videos to hear about some of our successful customers’ ReachLocal experiences.


    1. Construction and Remodeling Company Gets a Full-Time Marketing Service

    Memorable Review Quote: “The main benefit to us working with ReachLocal is that when you’re running a business, you like to spend your time running the business and not checking to see which search terms are doing better and which aren’t, and managing all that. That can be a full-time job.” -Jim Rafferty, Vice President of Sales and Marketing 

    2. Gold and Silver Merchant Increases Total Revenues with Web Presence Optimization

    Memorable Review Quote: "ReachLocal stepped in, picked new keywords for me, made sure my script was all correct, linked me with other things, integrated my Web Presence as far as social media, and just really took me to the next level." -Sean Miles, Owner


    3. Home and Commercial Services Company Receives More Phone Calls

    Memorable Review Quote: "I've seen the reports where I can see the numbers of calls that we're getting, and I've heard the phone calls. I get so many phone calls as a result of the traffic ReachLocal drives in all of my campaigns." –Les Stobart, Marketing Director


    4. Dentistry Practice Gets Found in More Places Online

    Memorable Review Quote: “ReachLocal has provided us a service of expanding the number of people who come to our website, expanding the exposure, and putting us in places that my website hasn’t been able to get to.” –Dr. Stanley L. Wendt, Jr., Owner

    To hear what other customers are saying about ReachLocal, subscribe to our YouTube channel which features testimonials, educational videos about online advertising and social media, as well as spotlights on some of our most popular online marketing services.

    Tamara Weintraub helps equip small business owners with information about local online advertising, social media marketing, and more as a blogger for ReachCast and ReachLocal.


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