10 Minutes or Less: Quick Social Media Posts that Work (Fast!)

Quick Social Media Posts that Work

Social media marketing is a critical piece in the online marketing puzzle for local businesses today. But it’s just one part of a successful online marketing system, and some days, there is so much to juggle that you just need a quick, easy way to fill your social media feed with interesting, engaging content. So, here are 10 ideas you can use to keep your social channels full of relevant, timely, and useful content – fast!

1) Day in the Life Snapshot

What’s got you so busy you don’t have time to write that blog post? What are you doing today that might interest your fans and followers? Share a sneak peek of a day in the life at your business by sharing a picture, quote, or anecdote straight from behind the scenes of your business.

Example: “We’re busy getting our new product ready for the launch party tomorrow! Here’s a sneak peek at the new displays. ‘Like’ if you’re excited to get your hands on these!” [Photo]

2) Question or Poll

People love sharing their feedback. So, take 5 minutes to brainstorm a few questions you could ask your fan base and then another 5 minutes to set up a quick question or poll. Write your question so that it’s short, clear, and better yet, will provide useful insights for your business.

Example: “We’re thinking about testing extended hours. What day would you like to see us open until 9 p.m.: Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday?”

3) FAQs, Facts & Tips

Have a set of FAQs, tips, or facts about your products or services? Share these in the form of short, sharable posts for your fans and followers to learn from. Make a list of these tidbits and keep it handy for times when time is short!

Example: “Did you know you can reduce post-massage soreness by drinking water to flush out minerals released during a massage and rehydrating your muscles? Learn more about how to get more out of your massage here.” [link to website FAQ]

4) “Pro Tips”

Similar to fact posts, pro tips offer an inside scoop your customers might enjoy, typically specific to your industry or business.

Example: “Sugar Lovers Pro Tip: Cupcake Happy Hours are Thursdays from 4-6 p.m. Mark your calendars now!”

5) Meme Mania

Memes are all the rage, and businesses often like to get in on the engaging, fun posts they offer. You can create your own meme from a photo using the image edit feature on Google Plus, or with a photo editing app like Over, which allows you to post text onto an image via your smartphone. Or, you could get in on a popular meme like “The Most Interesting Man in the World” by creating your own fun take on the tagline.

Example: “I don’t always curb check when parking, but when I do, thank goodness for ABC Auto.” 

6) Customer or Fan Shout-Out

Do you have a customer or fan who is active on your social media pages that you want to recognize? A periodic brief shout-out of thanks, appreciation, or recognition can help you build your community and increase fan involvement on your page.

Example: “Thanks to @Anita for sharing the before and after pictures of her kitchen remodel last week! We loved seeing how you decorated with the new color scheme.”

7) National Day/Week/Month

It’s National (Something) Day/Week/Month (even if it’s unofficially so) – so feel free to hop on the bandwagon to join in on the fun with your social media community, even if it’s not totally related to your business or industry. A quick Google search of the date or month will often generate some interesting results you could play off of in your social media content.

Example: “It’s National Country Music Day! What country music song best describes your week?”

8) Community Events & Interests

What’s going on in your community that your fans and followers might like to know about? Make sure you are following the social media accounts of your city, chamber of commerce, clubs, organizations, news channels, and attractions so that you can retweet, share, and post about interesting community news.

Example: “The local food festival is this week! Who will be there, and what are you looking forward to eating the most?”

9) Trend Spotting
It’s not every day a royal baby is born! There’s usually something brewing in the world of pop culture or celebrity news, so when you’re in a pinch for time, you can share a timely congratulation, comment, or insight on a trend that’s hot in the news. Pro tip: Find out what people are searching online by looking at http://www.google.com/trends/, which shows the top searches at any given moment.

Example: “The royal baby has arrived! Congratulations to Prince William and Kate for their new baby boy.”

10) Quotes

Any time you read an interesting quote from an industry thought leader, writer, or speaker, add them into an ongoing document of inspirational, insightful, or helpful quotes that you can share with social media channels. You can share these as text or image-based updates. Always make sure to attribute the quote to the correct source!

Example: “‘Use what you have to run toward your best – that’s how I live my life.’ – Oprah Winfrey”

What are your go-to social media posts when time is short? Share your tips in a comment!

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