10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your ReachCast Campaign

Congratulations! You are the proud new owner of a ReachCast campaign. Your Web Presence Professional (WPP) has reviewed with you in detail how they’ll work to achieve social engagement, reputation management, and organic search discovery for your local business. You’ve seen your shiny new Cast page, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Places pages. So now what?

As your WPP begins to grow your web presence, there are actions you can take as well to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts and get the most of using ReachCast for your local business.

The first step to communicating with potential customers online is simply to let them know you exist!  Acquiring fans and followers takes time, but it is a crucial first step. After all, what’s the point of communicating a message if no one’s there to hear it? That would be like spending millions creating a TV spot and forgetting to purchase the media buy. Reach is just as important as the message itself.

Start with these 5 tips to jump start your social reach:

1. Create an email blast. First and foremost, tell everyone you know about your new social presence. We’re talking past and current customers, family, friends, employees, friends of employees, your cousin’s friend’s sister …you get the point. Send an email to your contacts announcing that you’ve launched a social media campaign and you’d appreciate their help. Include links to your social profiles, and specifically ask people to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter and write a review on your Google Places page.

2. Add social icons to your email signature. Make it as easy as possible for potential customers to visit your social pages. Add the social icon images to your signature and hyperlink these to your social profile, or just add the direct links themselves.

3. Embed social icons onto your website. This gives people another opportunity to find you online. You can also embed the Facebook “like” box onto your website to give your Facebook page some extra visibility.

4. Embed an RSS widget onto your website. Your WPP can provide you with the Cast Page RSS widget. Once you embed it onto your website, it will feature the “What’s New” stream from the Cast page directly on your website, sharing snippets of each post and linking directly to the site to read more. Not only is this another opportunity to showcase your content to more people, it can also help your website by offering fresh, dynamic content to your site that will boost your search results.

5. Create in-store signage. It’s important to advertise your social pages at every customer touch point. This includes in-store communication, because that’s when your business is at the top of the customer’s mind. Adding your social icons and URLs to your business cards, coupons, post cards, signs, stickers or other printed materials is another good way to get the word out.

Once you’ve started building your fan and follower base, it’s time to think about the content you’ll be posting. Your WPP will cast industry-relevant content on your behalf, linking to other credible sources on the web. This boosts your authority as an industry thought leader. However, only you can bring that personal touch to your business.

Use these 5 tips to humanize your brand through content:

1. Take pictures.  Lots of pictures. Pictures of your products, facility, employees, customers and events. It’s often hard for consumers to feel connected with a business. However, people love to connect with other people – it’s in our nature as social creatures. So give your business a face! Your WPP will be able to help you spread these images across your social profiles.

2. Shoot videos. There are limitless ways to use videos to promote your business.  Customer testimonials, tutorials, product FAQs, behind the scenes and facility tours are some good examples of ways you can get started using video to market your business online.

3. Feature an employee of the month. Nothing gives a face to your business like the people who work there! By writing an employee feature once a month, you can showcase the life of your business and even use this as an employee incentive program.

4. Publicize events. Events are a great way to show that you are involved in your community and are also great for co-branding opportunities. So, whether you host a customer appreciation night, sponsor a local meetup, or participate with a local charity, make sure you share content, images, and videos of the event online.

5. Offer follower incentives. Give people a concrete reason to connect with you! Offer a special “follower” discount to anyone who likes or follows your pages. Consider supporting a charity and donate $10 for every like or follow you get online.

These are just a few ideas to ramp up your ReachCast campaign to get the most out of your social presence. Tying the online to the offline, being involved, and engaging with customers and your community can help you build a thriving reputation and a strong web presence. So,  strategize with your Web Presence Professional to develop a plan that works for you.

What are some creative tactics you’ve used to gain more fans or followers? Share your ideas in the comments!

About the Author
Christy Rogge is a Web Presence Professional, helping ReachCast clients develop their web presence, powering search discovery, social discovery, and reputation management.


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