3 Facebook Advertising Best Practices

Facebook continues to lead the social media pack in number of active daily users. Aside from providing a great way to connect with customers and prospects, Facebook also offers an ideal place for local businesses to market their products and services. Today, Facebook advertising is an effective way to build brand awareness with new prospects and drive action that results in traffic and leads. But before you begin a Facebook advertising campaign for your business, keep these simple marketing best practices in mind to make sure it produces the results you want.

Know Your Customers Like You Know Your Friends

Being familiar with your target audience is essential for any successful advertising campaign, but Facebook allows you to use the information you already have about your customers and prospects to hone in on a target audience. Plus, Facebook’s proprietary information about its users can help you expand your customer base by enabling you to leverage demographic details including geographic area, age, likes, interests, and behaviors you think align with your target audience. A lot of your potential customers may not have their information available to the public, but Facebook can still determine if they’re a qualified potential consumer from the targeting criteria you create. You can also expand your target audience by reaching out to the friends of your potential customers, people who have already been to your website, or audiences that “look like” your target consumers. This would be ideal for promoting your brand to audience who is similar to those you know already like you

In addition to their demographic features, it’s also important to understand how your target audience prefers to access information and interact with your business. If data you collect about the traffic to your site suggests the majority of your consumers visit Facebook using a mobile device, it may benefit you to run a mobile-only Facebook campaign. Or, if you have brick-and-mortar store vs. a home service-based business, you may want to create a special or promotion that users can download to redeem in your store. If your customers typically like to do more research for the type of product or service you offer, consider running a campaign to build brand awareness and stay top of mind for local customers.

Use Eye-Catching Visuals for Your Ads

Your ad will be competing with the status updates, photos, and videos posted by your target audiences’ friends and family as well as ads from other brands and businesses. So, it’s important to use images in your Facebook ads that can help attract your customers’ attention and trust by appealing to them on a personal level.

Try to avoid images of just your product or a service being performed. Being straightforward with what you offer is a good strategy, but your customers are only going to notice your ads if you show them the emotional benefits they have to gain. For example, a bike shop advertising on Facebook could run their ads with images of just their bike selection. But a more engaging image might show people enjoying a bike ride. Facebook also requires that your images are not comprised of too much text, so make sure your ads are illustrative and don’t rely on text to convey the benefit of your business.

Invite Users to Your Business With the Right Call to Action

Depending on your campaign’s objective, it’s important to consider what action you want your customers to take. Are you trying to get more phone calls that will convert into sales? Do you rely on a high volume of foot traffic? Does your website support web form submissions? These are all questions that will determine what call to action you should use in your ads to drive the success of your Facebook advertising campaign.

Including a call to action as a button on your ad can help you direct customers to take an action like calling you, getting directions, or visiting another page on the web, like your Facebook business page or website. While you have multiple options to choose from, your call to action needs to be reflective of what you measure as a successful conversion. Not all campaigns need to necessarily drive online sales or phone calls. If you own a storefront, you may want to raise awareness to help increase foot traffic. You can run an ad with a call to action that helps customers “Get Directions” to your store. You may even just want to direct traffic to your website, where visitors can learn more about your business or submit a web form for your service with a CTA like “Learn More” or “Book Now.”

Facebook’s advertising platform is an effective tool to help reach new and existing customers online. Even if you’re already familiar with Facebook as a user, there are many ways you can learn to utilize this social medium to drive sales and raise awareness for your business. Learn about our Facebook advertising solution on our website to find out how we can help you reach your digital marketing goals through this social media site.

Jason Obenhaus

Jason Obenhaus is a Digital Marketing Expert at ReachLocal who specializes in search and display advertising for SMBs. His experience in account management allows him to effectively communicate and strategize with clients to help them achieve their marketing goals. Recognized by upper management for his work and dedication, he continues to enthusiastically help his clients grow their businesses. In his free time, Jason enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing music, and reading.

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