3 Facebook Hacks that Will Blow Your Mind

Did you know Facebook has passed the 1 billion users mark? As the number of Facebook users grows, it is becoming more and more important to have a regular presence – not just a page – for your business on this social site, and you need to make it stand out above the rest. Let’s look at three Facebook hacks that will blow your mind (and blow your competitors away).

1. Add a Call to Action at the End of Videos

It is no secret that videos on Facebook receive the most engagement out of almost any kind of post. With users watching 100 million hours of video per day, Facebook has adapted their algorithm to include more and more videos on your newsfeed. If you want more eyes on your business’ posts, uploading videos directly to Facebook will help. Once you get views on your videos, you will want to lead them back to your business website. Facebook has added a feature that allows business pages to include a call to action at the end of each video they upload. There are a few preset buttons to choose from, and a unique URL can be added to direct customers wherever you want to take them. Whether your call to action is “Show Now” or “Sign Up,” this button will help your fans connect even further with your business.

2. Be More Responsive With Away Messages

In today’s world, we expect immediate action, and responses to messages or comments on Facebook are not any different. Facebook has added badges to business pages to let users know how responsive each page is to private messages, making it even more important for you to communicate with your customers and prospects online. The response time displayed is an average of how long it takes you to respond to messages over time. If your business receives a message after closing and it is not responded to until the next morning, your average response time will go up. Luckily, Facebook has included an away message feature to help with that. The away message can be found in the messaging part of the page for anyone who is an admin. Once the away message is turned on, it will stay on for a maximum of 12 hours, and any messages not responded to during that time will not count against your average response time.

3. Attract Users With GIFs

Making your page and news feed more relatable to your fans will keep people coming back to your page and hopefully help with converting prospects into customers. One way you can do this is by adding GIFs to add a little humor and attract more viewers. GIFs are easy to add: all you need is a link to one (you can find them by searching on Google – just make sure to include a source) and you can post it right to your page.

We hope you “Liked” these Facebook hacks. All of these Facebook tips and hacks can be tailored to your business to help increase overall fan engagement with your page and also help drive fans to your website. Let us know what Facebook hacks you’ve used for your business’ page in the comments!

Blake Jackson

Blake is an Account Manager on the National Healthcare Team who enjoys helping clients come up with comprehensive digital marketing strategies that best fit their needs. When he is not at work, he is probably at home watching sports or Seinfeld reruns.

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