3 ReachLocal Clients Talk About Local Online Marketing Performance

ReachLocal Clients Talk About Local Online Marketing Performance

What happens when a small business owner partners with ReachLocal for online marketing? What kind of performance do they really get? According to these ReachLocal clients, they not only get a business partner, but they receive service they can depend on and online marketing that helps them reach their target audience to get results. Hear the real scoop as these three clients share all about what working with ReachLocal means for their businesses.

Web Traffic that Translates Into Business

For the past few years, TGM Associates has worked with ReachLocal to get in front of more potential residents searching for apartment rentals in several different locations. In fact, since 2012, they have seen a significant part of their traffic – around 40%! – coming from their search engine advertising through ReachSearch. But it’s not just about driving traffic to their website; they want that traffic to translate into new business. Because what really matters to this small business is the amount of people they are able to help. By targeting the right consumers through online marketing, TGM Associates attributes nearly 20% of new leases to ReachLocal. “For TGM it’s been incredibly helpful, because not only are we getting traffic, but it’s translating into business at the end of the day, which is what we ultimately try to do for all our Internet sources,” said Zach Goldman, Partner & Director of Operations.

An Online Presence That Targets the Right Clients

For McCready, Garcia & Leet, P.C., being able to see interaction from new potential clients is key to deciding which cases to take. “I highly recommend ReachLocal, because they have taken my practice – and the marketing, especially with regards to the Internet – to a whole a new level,” said Michael P. McCready. “They’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. If there’s something new, or something that I should be into, they’re the first ones to tell me about it.”

With the ReachLocal Mobile App, they are able to immediately see engagement from their prospects, including reading chat transcripts from their 24/7 TotalLiveChat service and listening to calls and voicemails they get from their search engine advertising. Plus, by using ReachSearch to get their services found on search engines, they reach the right target audience at the right time, so that more of their prospects turn into clients.

Real-Time Results & New Leads

Within a few months of using ReachLocal for online marketing, Benny Boyd Automotive Group saw their business nearly double. These results are in part due to ReachLocal’s search engine advertising optimization that helps them show up in search engines for critical keywords, translating to more contacts and more customers. How do they know it works? This business relies on detailed reports in the ReachLocal mobile app that let them know what’s working, from where their search results come from to how many calls they are getting, on a daily basis.

“Since the last two months that we’ve been with ReachLocal…our business has almost doubled in most of my locations. The technology that we have to be able to track and monitor through ReachLocal allows me to be able to stay on top of my business from hour to hour, from day to day, from week to week, from month to month,” said Marc Gibson. “I have noticed a huge difference.”

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