3 Reasons Click to Call is Vital To Your PPC Campaign [Stats]

click to call in PPC campaign

Even more than in-person leads, phone calls are still the number one quality lead source for small and medium businesses, and over half of calls are the result of mobile channels. Enabling call ad extensions for your search engine advertising campaign is not only valuable to local searchers, but it can help your businesses capitalize on the new dominant form of search: mobile.

Here are three reasons why enabling click to call advertising in PPC is so important to your search engine marketing campaign.

1) Over half of all consumers say that ‘click to call’ is the most important feature to aid in the shopping process.

This study from Google found that 61% of consumers said ‘click to call’ is the most important phase of the shopping process because it enabled them to quickly get answers from the business. The most common tasks they wanted to accomplish by calling a business were: checking for business hours, scheduling an appointment, and inquiring about inventory or availability. That means if your prospects are looking to get more information about your business, including a call extension in your ads is one of the easiest ways to help them contact you. Plus, when you use call tracking and recording with your advertising, you can glean more insight into your prospects’ needs and determine if your ads are actually generating calls for your business.

2) Consumers are more likely to call you from a ‘click to call’ extension in your ads than from your website or landing page.

The ‘click to call’ feature in search engine ads has become so powerful that it now accounts for 4 billion dollars per year in revenue. That’s because consumers are much more likely to call from a mobile ad extension than from an ad’s landing page. Click to call gives your customers the ability to eliminate an entire step from their time online and provides an extra opportunity for them to contact your business and turn into a lead or customer. And now, with mobile searches overtaking desktop searches in local search, it has never been more important for the local small business to think mobile first on its search engine advertising strategy.

3) If you don’t enable ‘click to call’ in your search engine ads, most smartphone-using customers actually think more negatively about your brand.

Click to call is definitely more important in terms of generating better results from your advertising; however, one study actually showed how smartphone users were affected if the ‘click to call’ option was not present. 47% of smartphone users tested actually said simply by not having the ‘click to call’ function available, they would begin to explore other brands. So, even if you’re not expecting to get a lot of calls, turning on the call ad extension in your campaign could create a positive impression of your brand when your ads appear in search results.

Do you have click to call ad extensions turned on in your PPC ads? What impact have you seen on your search engine advertising campaign?

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