3 Simple Ways to Boost Search Advertising ROI

You already know that search advertising is an effective way to reach local prospects online. However, many businesses feel they can’t effectively measure the success of their search engine advertising campaigns and are unsure about what to do to maximize their efforts. Here are a few ways you can get a bigger return on investment from your search advertising and examples of how one successful client, Redd’s Barbershop in Austin, TX, put these tips into action.

Track Conversions and Calls, Not Just Clicks

When you run a search engine advertising campaign, most platforms typically measure how many times your ad was clicked on, known as click through rate. Your campaign can yield tons of clicks, but if none of those clicks are translating into conversions, how effective is your campaign, really? If you go beyond tracking clicks to see how many people filled out a contact form or called you from your ad, you can see the real value of your search advertising efforts.

Real Life Application: Redd’s Barbershop used call tracking and our ReachEdge™ lead conversion software to track how many people were contacting them as a result of clicking on their search ad. ReachEdge also gave them the ability to track which of their leads became customers, enabling them to determine the real impact their search engine advertising campaign was having on their business: more leads and increased revenue.

Record and Listen to Calls to Gauge Call Quality

Listening to recorded calls from your advertising can help you determine the quality of the leads it’s generating. Are people calling you to make an appointment or inquire about your services? Are they looking for directions or hours? Or are they asking basic questions without any real interest in buying? By listening to your calls, you can figure out if your ads are truly effective at bringing you actual leads so you can prioritize follow-up and close the sale, driving more revenue from your ads.

Real Life Application: Jeremy Howell, the general manager of Redd’s Barbershop, used call recording to evaluate the quality of leads that were coming in through his search advertising campaign. After listening to his calls, he noticed new clients were calling to make appointments and knew exactly what services Redd’s Barbershop offered. He determined that the calls coming from his ads run through ReachSearch™, ReachLocal’s search engine advertising solution, were more relevant to his business than he had seen with previous search advertising solutions.

Review and Optimize Your Campaign

It’s important to optimize your campaign across multiple search engines in addition to regularly evaluating your campaign performance. If you’re only running ads on one search engine, you’re missing out on a whole group of potential customers, so it’s best to work with different publishers so your ads can be seen across the web.

You can use the information you gather from your calls and reports to update your campaign settings or ad copy. Are people confused about an offer? Are you getting a lot of calls from people outside your target area? You can use this information to optimize your campaign – like your keywords, targeting, or ad copy – to increase the likelihood of reaching a lead who will convert into a customer.

Real Life Application: Howell worked closely with his ReachLocal team to frequently update keywords for his campaign. His search advertising campaign also leveraged conversion-based optimization so his ads were automatically optimized for the keywords and publishers that brought them the most return for their investment. By tracking their results and optimizing their campaign, Redd’s Barbershop saw revenue increase by 50% in three months.

Learn More

Read the full case study from Redd’s Barbershop to learn more about how they increased revenue using search advertising or watch the video here. And, let us know some of your tips for increasing your business’s ROI using search advertising in the comments!

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