3 Types of Businesses That Should Run Instagram Ads

The widely-known mobile sharing network of Instagram has grown rapidly since its launch in 2010. It started off as a simple photo sharing app and grew to include a 24-hour story feature, IGTV, engagement tools such as polls and swipe up links, and so much more. According to Statista, there are currently 1 billion active Instagram users (and it’s only going up from there). So, are you taking advantage of putting your ads on this rapidly growing platform? There are a wide variety of businesses that should run ads on Instagram, which we will get into later, but first… 

What is an Instagram Ad? 

You can advertise on Instagram in a number of different ways: Using photos, videos, a carousel of content, or through Instagram stories. Instagram ads are unique because you’re not simply typing a message for consumers to read, instead, you choose the visual content and the way you want to deliver your message to your preferred audience. 

To advertise on Instagram, you must first have a business account. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, you will set up your ad through the Facebook Ads Manager. Here you will pick your marketing objective, set up your target audience, determine how much you want to spend, and how long it will run for.

So, what type of businesses should take advantage of advertising on Instagram?

1. You Provide a Service 

Instagram is the perfect platform to market the products and services that your business provides. One feature a service-based business should take advantage of is posting multiple photos and videos (up to 10!) in a carousel advertisement to highlight what they offer. Before putting together the ad, make sure your target audience is part of the demographic that uses Instagram. According to Sprout Social, 59% of users are 18 to 29 years old, 33% are 30 to 49 years old, 18% are 50 to 64 years old, and 8% are 65 and over.   

2. You’re Starting from the Bottom  

If you’re building your online presence from the ground up, advertising on Instagram is a great way to gain an audience while growing your business. Capture Instagram users by telling a story through your ads that other people will want to follow along with. Let’s say you’re a healthy convenience store coming to the Dallas area in 2019. Advertise to your target audience through Stories and share behind the scene planning of the healthy food options, store location, and vendors you’re working with. On-the-go, busy millennials are always hunting for new healthy spots like yours, so why not advertise to that target audience while they’re skipping through their Instagram Stories?

3. You’re Adding Talent to your Team 

So, your business is looking to expand it team with a creative set of eyes? You want someone who is familiar with your business and the work you do. Your audience is already invested in your brand, keeping up with your business growth, and engaging with your posts, so why not run Instagram ads to share your new opening with them? Choose a photo or video that will announce your business is hiring and customize it through Ads Manager to only be shown in front of people in your area. If your business is looking for new talent, Instagram is the perfect platform to run ads and receive interested applicants.  

Advertising through video and photo content is a creative way to capture your target audience, and with over 800 million Instagram users, it’s worth taking advantage of. Whether your business is building its brand, celebrating its 50th anniversary, or expanding its team, your consumers are using the app. Create visually appealing content and put it in front of them. You won’t regret it.  

Amanda Asad

Amanda is the Content Marketing & Communications Intern at ReachLocal. She graduated from Texas A&M University where she acquired her degree in Leadership and Development with minors in Agricultural Journalism and Communications and Tourism Management. Her background is in event management and journalism. When she is not working, Amanda enjoys writing, working out, and spending time with family.

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