3 Types of Display Advertising Solutions You Should Be Using

When you think of display advertising, you probably only really think about the banner ads you see when you visit a website. But in reality, display advertising comes in many different formats and places online. And, it can really boost your existing marketing efforts by raising awareness for your business in your local area, driving visits to your website or physical store, and helping you increase online conversions like calls and form fills.

Here are three types of online display advertising solutions that can help you reach the right consumers no matter where they’re spending time online (or on their phones).


Have you ever visited a website online and then seen that same brand’s advertising on other websites or in apps you visit? Retargeting is a powerful form of display advertising that allows you to target specific customers who have already shown interest in your products and services, usually by visiting your website or even by simply searching for your business keywords on a search engine. Besides increasing brand awareness, retargeting can bring visitors back to your website, encouraging them to contact you and driving more leads for your business. One study found that site visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to return to a website and convert than site visitors who aren’t retargeted.

You can also retarget your website visitors when they’re using Facebook, whether they’re on the desktop site, mobile site, or mobile app. People spend about 50 minutes per day on average on Facebook so the ability to target your interested users with your ads there can be a huge win.

Mobile Geofencing

Geofencing allows you to target mobile consumers with ads on their smartphones, based on their proximity to a specified location. You can use geofencing to create a “fence” around a location like your business address or service area, your competitors’ business, or any other relevant businesses, or event. The goal of geofencing is to increase brand awareness with local consumers and drive in-person visits or service appointments. Consumers are constantly using their smartphones to search for nearby businesses, so geofencing provides an opportunity to reach them right through their phones.

Pure Display Advertising

We’ve talked about a few types of display advertising solutions that are effective, but it’s important not to forget about general awareness advertising. Banner advertising works to get your business name and message in front of as many people as possible across the web, acting similarly to a billboard on the highway. Because banner ads work to improve brand awareness, businesses can experience a bump in business name searches or latent conversions that lift their other advertising results and website visits.

Display advertising, whether on the web, mobile, or Facebook, is an effective form of digital marketing that complements different types of web advertising. Learn more about targeting the right audience for your display ads by downloading the webinar below!

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5 Ways to Target Your Audience Online

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