3 Ways Facebook Marketing Works for Local Businesses

Creating an online presence with social media is an important investment to make when trying to drive interest to your business and website. With over 2 billion active users, Facebook is a great place for any business looking to engage with their audience and expand their reach online. By employing a Facebook marketing strategy including a paid plus organic approach, a company can engage with prospective customers, create engaging content, and target a specific group of people with real-time results.

Check out what customers say about the impact that working with ReachLocal for Facebook marketing has on their business:

1. Facebook Advertising Reaches Your Target Audience

“It works. It’s getting to the right market. It’s getting to the people that need to see it so that they know where to go. I like working with ReachLocal because it’s a no-brainer. I don’t have to worry about [posting] day-to-day. I don’t have to pay attention to what’s happening week-to-week because ReachLocal is doing that for me.”

Diana Wagner, Audiology First

2. It’s Effective at Driving Traffic to Your Website

“I’ve seen more traffic to my site than ever before with social media, Facebook and all the avenues that they are creating that I haven’t had before. I’m getting a lot more traffic than ever before.”

Frank Cardia, Cupertino Plumbing

3. It Creates Brand Awareness

“So to sum up what ReachLocal has done for Pinnacle’s business: it’s definitely generated more traffic, it’s created brand awareness, and we’ve signed a lot of leases.”

Jennifer Staciokas, Pinnacle

Are you interested in learning more about how ReachLocal’s Facebook marketing solutions can drive engagement and awareness? Visit our website to see what ReachLocal can do for you, and download our free ebook below to learn what you need to know about Facebook advertising.

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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising

Josh Wilbanks

Josh is continuing his junior year at the University of North Texas and is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations. While at UNT, Josh works as a Social Media Strategist for the Housing department and is a student representative for the Mayborn School of Journalism. He started as a Marketing Communications Intern at ReachLocal this January and is very excited to learn and grow while meeting new people in the industry.

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