3 Ways Search Retargeting Can Boost Your Business

3 Ways Search Retargeting Can Boost Your Business

Getting people to discover you on a search engine depends on a variety of factors, but chances are only a small percentage of searchers will actually click on your organic or paid search result and visit your site. With search retargeting, a type of display advertising, you can put your business back in front of those same people to encourage site visits and conversions. So, how does search retargeting work? Here are three ways search retargeting works to boost your business online.

1. It’s a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Even if you’re already investing in search advertising or search engine optimization, you may not be getting the clickthroughs or conversions you want from people searching for your types of products or services. So, by putting your display ad in front of those searchers, you help these prospects discover your business for the first time. And, because your display ad is shown to these prospects as they surf the Web, you are no longer competing with other businesses that are bidding on the same keywords and vying for the exact same click as you were on the search results page. Instead, your business has an opportunity to grab that prospect’s attention with an eye-catching design, prominent business name or logo, and direct call to action that helps your ad stand out from the crowd.

2. It Builds Awareness With People Who Are Interested in Your Business

Unlike some forms of display advertising, search retargeting specifically targets people who have already expressed interest in your types of products and services. This means they may be more receptive to your brand message or call to action. And, if they see your message at the right time, they may be more likely to click your display ad, conduct a search for your business name, or remember you when they are ready to buy.

3. It Lifts the Results of Your Search Advertising 

There’s no denying that there’s a relationship between display advertising and search marketing; research shows display advertising has a positive impact on the results of a search advertising campaign, lifting search conversions by up to 59%. So, how does display advertising increase your search advertising results? It generates recognition and interest. For instance, seeing a display ad could trigger a search for a specific business, product, or service; in fact, 27% of consumers conduct a search after seeing a display ad. In addition, recalling a brand from their display advertising could encourage a prospect to click on the business’ text ad.

ReachLocal combines search retargeting with site retargeting in one powerful solution called ReachRetargeting. To learn more about this unique solution, visit the ReachRetargeting web page or check out our video.

How does search retargeting fit into your online marketing strategy? What other benefits have you seen from this display advertising tactic? Let us know in the comments.

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