4 Ways This Auto Business Grows with Digital Marketing from ReachLocal

When Shawn Beecher, owner of Mobile Empire Detailing, was starting his businesses, he didn’t have a large budget for advertising but knew that online marketing was essential for growth. He wasn’t sure how to get started with getting his business online, so he partnered with ReachLocal for search advertising and SEO to establish a presence on top search engines like Google and get more customers.

Within the first year of working with ReachLocal, his business grew by 130%. But, ReachLocal made it look so easy to quickly drive results through online marketing, he thought he could do it on his own.

“I tried running my own campaigns for six months, and it was a tremendous failure,” said Beecher.

He started doing his online marketing with ReachLocal again and has never looked back.

Paid + Organic Strategy Doubles Customers

Immediately after restarting ReachSearch, ReachLocal’s search advertising solution, Mobile Empire Detailing was getting more calls, website visits, and new customers. After adding ReachSEO, ReachLocal’s SEO solution, to his marketing mix, Beecher said his calls doubled, a testament to the power of using ReachLocal’s centralized online marketing service for all his needs.

The increased exposure through a paid and organic strategy on search engines has allowed his business to flourish, and as a result, he was able to:

  • Hire more employees
  • Add vans to his mobile unit
  • Move to a larger location

A Complete Digital Presence with ReachLocal

Mobile Empire Detailing now runs a comprehensive automotive digital marketing program with ReachLocal, including website solution ReachSite, listings management solution ReachListings, and a social media marketing solution. This integrated digital marketing campaign allows Mobile Empire Detailing to have a full presence online.

ReachEdge Tracks & Enhances Success

ReachEdge, ReachLocal’s lead management solution, gives Beecher the power to know what’s actually working to get him new customers online. He’s able to access his reports and incoming leads directly from his phone, so he can make business decisions in real time on how to spend his marketing budget, which is solely focused on digital marketing at this time.

“It’s like a marketing cheat sheet in the palm of my hand,” said Beecher.

Working with the ReachLocal Team

ReachLocal’s solutions and team of marketing experts empower Mobile Empire Detailing to focus on their business while their online marketing is driving new clients through the door. Now, their small business has an expert in all of the different advertising aspects which allows them to show up online in ways they wouldn’t be able to without ReachLocal’s help.

“Without ReachLocal, my business would be half the size it is now,” said Beecher.

Read the Review & Watch the Video

Read Mobile Empire Detailing’s full ReachLocal review on our website, and watch their testimonial video below to learn more about their results working with ReachLocal.

Stephanie Heitman

Stephanie is the Sr. Marketing Manager for USA TODAY NETWORK | LOCALiQ. She has experience in digital marketing, social media management, and content creation for SMBs. Stephanie specializes in helping businesses improve their online reputation and appreciate the impact social media and digital marketing can have on their brand. When she isn't researching the latest online marketing tips and trends, she enjoys watching reality TV with her husband and her dogs.

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