4 Ways to Refresh Your Landing Pages to Boost Results

Advertising your business online is an important way to drive leads and boost sales. But what happens to consumers once they click on your ad?

Making sure that you have updated, refreshed landing pages for all your ad campaigns is an important way to make sure you’re getting the most from your marketing investment.

Try these tips to update your landing pages this year.

1. Make Them Mobile-Friendly!

Whether you’re using landing pages to convert search ad visitors or prospects you target from Facebook ads, it’s important to make sure your landing pages are mobile friendly. Today, 50-60% of all Google search is from mobile devices, and mobile is also a primary way consumers use Facebook on a daily basis. It’s important to make sure that no matter what type of device consumers get to your landing page from, they have a great experience because this can boost conversions and help you get more ROI from your advertising spend. So, if your landing pages aren’t mobile-friendly yet, resolve to get that changed first thing!

2. Update the Look & Feel for a Clean Focus on One Call to Action

The ultimate goal for your advertising landing pages should be clear and easy to understand to the visitor.

If you want them to call you, put your phone number in a clear and easy to find place on the page. If you want a form filled out, place it prominently and clearly on the page (and make sure it works seamlessly on mobile too – see above!)

Clean, simple landing pages that pack a punch with a powerful but minimal message and a clear, easy-to-use call to action can help you get more out of your advertising, boosting your overall bottom line.

3. Make Them Relevant & Enticing for Each Offer Type

If you have more than one focus in your advertising efforts, like if you are running ads for different products, locations, or services, it’s a great idea to have more than one landing page to send visitors to. In fact, research shows that businesses with more landing pages tend to get more leads. That’s because having more than one landing page allows you to tailor your message to be more relevant to the ad people were interested in the first place.

So, if you’re running Facebook ads about an offer or promotion, make sure you send visitors to a landing page that’s about that specific offer rather than a generic page on your website. If you’re targeting different search ad groups around different products, have a specific landing page for each product to make it quick and easy for the visitor to convert by contacting you about whatever you originally advertised to them.

A little strategic investment in strong, unique landing pages can really help you get more out of your advertising.

4. Add a Testimonial or Quote for Quick Validation

Reviews are an important part of the buying journey for consumers so you can leverage this trend on your landing pages by adding a customer quote or testimonial after your call to action to help entice visitors to contact you. A short, impactful quote along with a customer photo (if you can get one!) might make all the difference to someone who clicked on your ad and was curious about your business.

Are your landing pages ready to help you take your marketing to the next level? Read more about updating your landing pages here.

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