4 Ways to Track Where Your Marketing Leads are Coming From

Wouldn’t you like to know which marketing tactics – like PPC, SEO, social media, etc. – are bringing in the most leads for your business? Tracking your leads is an important way to determine how well your marketing is actually working. If you don’t have a system in place for tracking the source of your marketing leads online already, here are four ways you can determine where they are really coming from.

1. Asking Leads Directly

The good news is that this conversational approach can help you build rapport with people who call or visit you in person, and you can train your employees to ask new prospects how they found you. In addition, if you have a website form, you can include a field for visitors to answer how they found your site. The best way to track your results is to put a system in place for recording this information – like a spreadsheet all employees have access to. The bad news is that this approach is completely manual and relies on a consistent process, which can often result in poor, incomplete data. Additionally, prospects are typically influenced by multiple sources, so they may not be able to remember or articulate the primary source that brought them to your business.

2. Unique Tracking Links (UTMs)

UTMs can be assigned to any particular marketing initiative or campaign that uses links to take people to your website or a landing page. UTMs are effective for tactics like email, social media, and online advertising that have a specific purpose of driving clicks to your site. Then, you can see which specific campaigns are driving traffic to your website through Google Analytics. However, this method doesn’t provide information about the contact, so you won’t have much insight into who your leads are.

3. Call Tracking Technology

Call tracking technology allows you to place a unique tracking phone number in each marketing source, such as your PPC ads and offline tactics, giving you the ability to see where your calls are coming from. In addition, many call tracking technologies record the call so you can gain further insight into your leads and customers. Call tracking technology is especially helpful when coupled with other approaches like UTMs or lead tracking software.

4. Lead Tracking Software

Because leads can contact you in a variety of ways on your site, call tracking isn’t always enough. In addition, call tracking numbers are not ideal on some sources, like your local listings. Lead tracking and marketing attribution software works on your website to track a lead conversion like a call and form submission. Using special code, it can identify the source where the lead originated, such as online directories, paid search ads, social media sites, organic search results, and more. Some software solutions can also provide additional data about your site traffic, lead information, and call recordings, giving you better insight into how your leads are really learning about your business. Using software is the best way to track your sales leads because it allows you to get better visibility into how effectively your marketing is working.

ReachEdge Software From ReachLocal

ReachEdge™ automatically tracks website leads and shows you which marketing tactics are working best for your business. ReachEdge easily integrates with your website to help you seamlessly capture leads, track the marketing source, and see what’s working so you can maximize your marketing and ensure your budget is being spent in the right places. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about ReachEdge.

Stephanie Heitman

Stephanie is the Sr. Marketing Manager for USA TODAY NETWORK | LOCALiQ. She has experience in digital marketing, social media management, and content creation for SMBs. Stephanie specializes in helping businesses improve their online reputation and appreciate the impact social media and digital marketing can have on their brand. When she isn't researching the latest online marketing tips and trends, she enjoys watching reality TV with her husband and her dogs.

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