44% Say Setup is the Most Challenging Part of Search Advertising

Keyword Research. Text Ad Best PracticesConversion-Optimized Landing Pages. Return on Investment.

Do any of these search advertising phrases scare you?

Setting up a search engine advertising campaign can be challenging, even for an experienced advertiser. And according to 44% of our readers, setting it up the right way is the hardest part of doing PPC advertising. Following that closely, 37% said determining their return on investment was the most challenging. In addition, 13% said keeping their campaign updated was the most difficult, while 6% said having time to do it was their biggest search advertising challenge.

See all the results in our infographic below.

Search Advertising 101

We know running a search engine advertising campaign can be daunting, so we put together this guide to help you do it the right way. Get the ebook Search That Works: the Essential Guide to Local Search Advertising to get our tips to running a successful advertising campaign.

Results: What Part of Search Advertising is the Most Challenging?









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