5 Benefits of ReachLocal’s Trusted Advisor Program

As an accountant, bookkeeper, or CPA, you are a trusted advisor for many small- and medium-sized businesses, and you’re happy with the way your practice is growing and expanding. But, do you know everything you should about what drives new business, leads, and sales for your clients? If your clients want to continue to be competitive, the answer to the question “What marketing strategies work for my business?” is one they need to be able to answer.

It’s part of your role to analyze their various marketing expenses, but do you know what’s driving good results which increase profit? Do you know where a change should be made to increase effectiveness, reduce overspending, and increase return on investment? Traditionally, these costs have been hard to analyze, and it’s even more challenging to predict marketing performance.

What if there was a way you could give your client confidence that their digital marketing strategy is successful with facts, not opinions? We are excited to tell you that ReachLocal has a solution for you! When you share the results from our unique partnership program, you can expect some exciting benefits. Here are five ways the ReachLocal partnership program can help your firm:

1. Grow Your Strategic Business Advice Portfolio

Your clients look to you for guidance, and when you are equipped with the facts regarding your client’s marketing performance benchmarked against industry averages, you can set your client up for improved marketing results, which will help them deliver their business goals.

2. Help Your Clients Reach Their Business Goals

You can easily expand your influence when you are able to provide information that can accomplish many goals for your clients, including reducing costs, improving campaign performance, and using data to identify prospects likely to become customers.

3. Gain a Competitive Advantage for Your Firm

ReachLocal can help you provide a digital marketing roadmap for your clients that gets them real results. You’re able to go above and beyond for your clients while helping them improve their bottom line. This sets your clients up for success while carving out a unique differentiator for your practice, allowing you to stand apart from your competitors.

4. Increase Client Loyalty

By continuing to be able to share this cutting-edge reporting and technology with your clients on a quarterly basis, they will be able to see the value you provide directly to their bottom line. You’ll be amazed how adjusting spend and product mix, updating contact information, or optimizing a website for mobile devices can make a huge difference. Your clients will thank you.

5. Find Cost Savings & Performance Improvement with Proven Technology

ReachLocal has a proven track record of success and innovation in the field of digital marketing. We’ve been able to gather data from our thousands of campaigns to provide best practices and unique insights you can deliver to your clients. After reviewing and sharing the digital marketing recommendations with your client, they will see what changes need to be made quickly, which can lead to an immediate and positive impact on their profitability. This information is specific to their business, geographic location, industry, and unique combination of marketing tools.

Learn More Today!

Ready to learn more? ReachLocal’s unique data science program takes the guesswork out of digital marketing and gives you the ability to provide fact-based data and recommendations to your clients. When you add our program to your portfolio of services, you will help your clients build a roadmap for a profitable marketing strategy. Take the next step and get in touch with us today.

Darren Clarke

Darren connects buyers and sellers through online directories, desktop search, and mobile devices. Darren has a passion for educating his teams and their clients on the complex marketing landscape and how the consumer buying journey has been influenced by and transformed with the evolution of desktop, tablet, and mobile search. In his spare time, Darren enjoys training for his next Triathlon race, raising awareness and funds for charitable organizations, and enjoying new adventures with his wife and kids.

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