5 Creative Facebook Posts for the Holidays

Ahh, the holidays: an exciting time for food, family, and fun, but it can also be a busy time for businesses. And, between present wrapping, card writing, and holiday promos, Facebook continues to gather even more steam during the holidays.

If you are a small- or medium-sized business looking to connect with your audience this holiday season, here are five great Facebook posts to increase engagement and facilitate conversations about your brand.

1. The 12 Days of the Holidays Posts

Who doesn’t love a countdown? An easy way to boost engagement and regularly post content to your social pages is to create a 12 Days of the Holidays-type post.

We suggest you pair a series of 12 posts leading up to the holiday season with a branded hashtag like #12DaysOfDrinks for a bar or restaurant or #12DaysOfTech for an electronics store; the possibilities are endless! Include promos, behind-the-scenes pictures, and customer testimonials to vary your content.

2. The Holiday Leftovers Recipe Post

This post might be best suited for the day after a major holiday, but if you represent a restaurant, home goods store, or even a healthcare-related industry, Facebook posts about recipes are one of the best types of content for building organic reach.

If you have a favorite family recipe for holiday leftovers (turkey enchiladas, anyone?), try to condense it into a shareable format like a post featuring step-by-step instructions, or even a matching image featuring the ingredients and instructions. You can also share recipes from other sources like Buzzfeed or Health Mag. These posts are sure to get people interested in what you have to say.

3. The Giving Back Post

You don’t need a marketing expert to tell you this, but during the holiday season, there are many of those less fortunate who may not be able to fully enjoy the holidays.

Do some good by making a donation in your company’s name, running an office food drive, or our personal favorite: Volunteer some time with a local charity group, and document the new friends you make along the way in a Facebook post! Or, you can host an event benefitting others and post about it on your Facebook page.

4. The Gift Suggestion Post

For our friends in retail, supplement your advertising dollars with a free Facebook post detailing some great gift suggestions for your customers. Or, if you’re not in retail, talk about how your products or services can make a great gift. Make your gift posts interesting by suggesting the types of people each gift might be best suited for: Some of your handmade wares for that friend who seems to have everything or perhaps a new set of materials for the crafty person in your life.

5. The Holiday Coupons Post

Although it might take a little more effort on behalf of your business, holiday-themed coupons and sales are a great way to get customers interested in your products.

In fact, making sure you have prominent sale info posted online might be a necessity this winter. 51% of holiday shoppers plan to spend their holiday shopping budget online. So don’t get left in the cold, and make sure you notify your customers when relevant sales are available.

Just like email and Google, it looks like Facebook is here to stay. Facebook provides an open platform to reach those customers who are most interested in your brand. And, an organic Facebook strategy works great when paired with an advertising strategy so you can increase your chances of appearing in the News Feed. Learn more about Facebook marketing on our website.

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