5 Easy Twitter Tips for Creating Amazing Tweets

Twitter offers a lot of potential for local businesses. From engagement to brand management, Twitter makes it easy for a business to stay connected with their customers online. Here are some Twitter tips for small businesses to keep in mind for your social strategy.

Add Images to Tweets

Tweets containing images average a 35% increase in retweets and 313% more engagement than those without images. Images add visual appeal to your tweets, which helps your posts stand out among a stream of text-only tweets in your followers’ feeds.

Use GIF Search

Twitter has made it easy for users to include GIFs in Tweets. Using the mobile app, compose a new tweet, click on the GIF button, and search for the perfect GIF to include in your tweet. It’s important to note that GIFs will only automatically animate if there are no other images included in the tweet (Twitter allows up to four images per tweet).

Reply in a Timely Manner

Twitter is a great tool for engaging with your customers, so be sure to keep on top of notifications, and follow up with any mentions. Customers love to interact with businesses on Twitter, so stay engaged and welcome their feedback.

Don’t Max Out the Character Count

It can be difficult to keep your message contained to only 140 characters, but it’s especially beneficial if you can keep your tweet to 100 characters or less. This allows enough characters for others to retweet your tweet and add their own commentary.

#Hashtag Sparingly

Be cautious with the amount of hashtags used in each tweet. Too many hashtags can make your tweet difficult to read, but including two or three helps increase engagement. Also, be sure to include relevant hashtags when they make sense. You can try searching for hashtags you’re interested in using to see if other users have included them in their tweets. The purpose of hashtags is to attract new followers and become part of a conversation, so you don’t want to use a hashtag that likely won’t be seen.

WWhat are some of your best small business Twitter tips? Share in the comments below! And, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for more social media and digital marketing tips!

Kristina Hegmann

Kristina is a Digital Marketing Manager at ReachLocal where she enjoys working with small businesses to implement creative social media and content marketing strategies. When she's not at work, she likes spending time with her family, decorating her new home, and playing with her two puppies, Ampersand and Lola.

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