5 Facebook Advertising Tips for Your Healthcare Marketing

Whether you’re running a doctor’s office, health clinic, med spa, or another healthcare business, marketing on Facebook is a cost-effective way to capture attention and leads from potential patients. Facebook advertising is a great option for healthcare providers because it introduces your services to your target audience when they aren’t actively searching, but are still receptive to engaging with your content on the Facebook website or app.

Here are five tips for creating effective Facebook advertising for your healthcare marketing strategy.

1. Reach Exactly the Right Audience

One of the glorious things about Facebook advertising is that it allows you to reach the exact people in your target market. If you run a med spa in Dallas, your ideal customers might be females in Dallas over the age of 35. With Facebook’s targeting capabilties, you can easily narrow down your target audience based on location, gender, deeper demographic data, interests, and more, ensuring your ads only reach people well within your target. You can even set up your ads to reach more specific users, such as people who have already visited your website or those in your email database.

2. Use Emotionally-Positive Images

When it comes to healthcare ads, you want to ensure your Facebook ad images convey a positive experience and outcome for your potential patients. For example, you can choose an image that shows a smiling person enjoying their teeth cleaning, a friendly and welcoming staff, or state-of-the-art facilities. And, don’t forget to refresh your images regularly to test which ones work best for your audience.

3. Take Advantage of Video

Many healthcare providers we work with see great results with video ads because video allows them to highlight additional aspects of their business that win over prospects when they’re on Facebook. For example, a video ad could be used to provide a tour of your office, introduce potential patients to your providers, explain a complex procedure, or showcase patient success stories. Keep your videos brief, and if they include a voice over, add a caption overlay to help engage users who prefer to watch on mute.

4. Use Lead Ads to Get Inquiries

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different Facebook objectives available to your business. Lead Ads is a powerful Facebook advertising option that encourages users to sign up right on Facebook to get news, price quotes, and appointments from your business. The user’s data is pre-populated in your Lead Ads form, making it easier than ever for them to respond, and for you to start collecting contact information of interested prospects.\

5. Keep Patient Privacy in Mind

As a healthcare provider, it’s always important – and often necessary – to keep a potential patient’s information private and secure. In order to keep your business compliant with HIPAA or other regulations, make sure you’re using processes and systems that allow you to protect any new lead information you get from your Facebook advertising, whether it’s through a lead form or phone call. Consider working with a digital marketing partner that can provide you with immediate access to your lead data as well as the level of security you require.

Remember, you don’t have to rely on search engines alone to market your healthcare business online. By incorporating Facebook ads into your healthcare marketing strategy, you can reach highly targeted consumers where they are spending time, take advantage of visual creative elements that grab their attention, and convince potential patients to sign up for information right then and there.

Learn more about our HIPAA-compliant Lead Ads Facebook solution for healthcare.


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