5 Google AdWords Ad Extensions You Should Be Using

Did you know you can add ad extensions through Google AdWords? Ad extensions are free tools that can help you entice local searchers to click your ad and become your customer. Here at ReachLocal we use ad extensions in many ways to improve our clients’ search engine advertising campaigns, and I’ve created a list of our top five Google AdWords ad extensions, what they can do for you, and how to use them within your search engine advertising campaign.

Review Extensions

Review extensions give you an opportunity to show searchers just how great your business really is. We know that potential customers trust reviews to help them make purchasing decisions when searching online, so, by adding a quote from a positive review or award to your ads, you’re giving prospective clients another reason to click on your ad.

So, what do review extensions look like? Review extensions appear as a line of text directly beneath your text ad. When creating a review extension, you choose the quoted or paraphrased review that you’d like to appear with your ads and cite the website it was posted on. For example, if you pull a review from HomeStar, you’ll need to add the link to the review so it can be attributed properly by Google when your ads go through the approval process.

One thing to note is that review extensions aren’t available with display ads, and they only appear on the desktop version of Google, so they won’t appear on smartphones or tablets.

Callout Extensions

Callout extensions allow you to add additional text below your text ads that highlight what makes your business stand out. Whether it’s 24-hour service, free delivery, or emergency appointments, make sure you’re letting potential customers know why they should choose you over your competitors.

Short and unique callouts are the most effective. Google recommends limiting callouts to 12-15 characters max and being as detailed as possible. For example, if your electronics store is having a sale on all TVs 50 inches or larger you would want to say “Sale on 50+ inch TVs” as opposed to “Sale on Big TVs.” Or, if you’re a car dealership having a yearend inventory clearance, you might say “All 2015 models on sale” instead of “Huge inventory sale.” Google also recommends using sentence case instead of title case in callouts for the best success.


Sitelinks are my favorite ad extension to use. Sitelinks give you a way to add additional links to different pages on your website (aside from your campaign’s main landing page). This allows customers to quickly find exactly what they are looking for within your website. Sitelinks can be easily updated without having to create new ads or ad groups, and you can even create mobile-exclusive sitelinks.

Sitelinks make it easy to shop with you and really help your ads stand out from the others within the auction. For example, if you’re a florist, you could add sitelinks to the landing page for each type of arrangement you offer, or you could use sitelinks to promote a Valentine’s Day rose special, Easter lilies, Holiday wreaths and centerpieces, or wedding packages. By having each landing page listed below your text ad, it’s easy for customers to find just what they’re looking for directly from your ad.

Call Extensions

Call extensions show your phone number or a call button below your text ads. This is especially helpful on mobile phones where a customer could simply click to call your business. You can also setup your campaign to only show your phone number or call button when your business is open to take calls so you can effectively manage your leads.

If the goal for your search engine advertising campaign is to drive more calls to your business, you may want to set up a Call-Only campaign to exclusively drive calls to your business instead of visits to your website. These call-only ads appear only on devices capable of making calls, and each call is the same cost as a click on your text ads.

Location Extensions

Location extensions show your business address, phone number, hours of operation, and review star ratings for your business. On mobile devices they also include buttons for customers to get directions to your office through Google Maps. Google recently announced they will only show ads that include location extensions in Maps.

Location extensions are great for when you want to encourage people to visit your storefront. If you have several locations for customers to choose from, you can add multiple addresses by linking to your Google My Business page (so it’s important that your information is verified and accurate there). Google says that ads with location extensions see a 10% increase in click-through-rate over the life of their campaign.

How We Can Help

Running a paid search campaign through Google AdWords and on other top search engines can be complicated, especially with the addition of ad extensions and other tools. We’d love to help you set up the best Google ad extensions for your business and marketing goals. Learn more about ReachSearch, our search engine advertising solution, and contact us today!

Jenn Fitzsimmons

Jenn is a Marketing Expert at ReachLocal who is passionate about digital marketing and creating marketing solutions for entrepreneurs so they can focus on running the day-to-day operations for their business. With a lifelong interest in technology and the evolution of the internet, she is always searching for what is coming next to the industry to ensure her clients are ahead of the curve and ahead of their competitors.

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