5 Interesting New Social Media Features You Should Know About

Over the past few weeks there have been several new social media features added to various social platforms. Are you aware of all the latest features? Here are five updates you should know about as a small business owner.

Twitter Polls

Twitter is making it easier for your SMB to engage with your audience and get the public’s opinion on any topic of choice with Twitter Polls.

Creating a Twitter poll is easy. First, click tweet like you normally would when composing an update. Then, click the pie chart at the bottom of the composition box next to the media upload and location tag buttons. There, it gives you space to type the question and two answer choices. Once your poll is complete, click tweet to send your poll out to your audience. Your poll will remain live on your feed for 24 hours, and votes will not be shared publicly. A poll simply asking what content your audience wants to see in their twitter feed could easily open the doors for more engagement.

Twitter Hearts

Twitter has replaced the star-shaped favorite button with a heart-shaped like button. Existing favorites will be transferred to likes, so you won’t lose any engagement you had on your page. Twitter made this change because they felt the heart was a universal symbol that would allow users to engage more freely across the platform. Check out these tips for creating engaging content to share with your audience.

Facebook Verified Badges

Facebook has just announced verified badges for local business pages to help users find and communicate with authentic accounts for local businesses. If your business has a physical address, here are the steps you can take to get your Facebook Business page verified. Once your business page is verified, badges come in the form of gray checkmarks next to your company page name. Verified badges for local businesses not only show credibility and authenticity, they also give your page the opportunity to rank higher in Facebook search results.

Facebook Reactions

Could you imagine a world without emoticons or emojis? Emojis have become a natural part of texting and social media. Facebook’s new reactions feature will allow users to choose a reaction in the form of an emoji instead of simply “liking” a status update. The reactions range from like, love, haha, yay, wow, sad, and anger. Currently, this feature is only available in Spain and Ireland, but it will slowly be introduced to a wider audience as Facebook further tests and develops it.

Pinterest Place Pins

Pinterest launched an extension to its Place Pins, which allows customers to easily contact and find local retailers. Consumers that are using the Pinterest IOS app have the ability to make calls and get directions to businesses with physical locations. Pinterest pulls the location information for your business through Foursquare, so it’s important to make sure all business information is updated there. Of course, we think it’s a good idea to make sure all of your local listings are updated to provide potential customers with accurate information.

Social media is constantly changing and evolving, and SMBs can use these new tools and features to their advantage. Which of the five features are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

Karla Jackson

Karla is the Social Media Manager at ReachLocal. She has experience in digital marketing for SMBs and focuses on creatively integrating social media into the content and communication strategy. She is also very passionate about employee advocacy and strives to find ways to amplify employee engagement online. When she isn't discovering new ways to improve her social media tactics, she enjoys yoga, traveling, and food.

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