5 More Reasons You Really Need SEO

Last week we talked about five reasons a good SEO strategy is important for your business. Here are five MORE reasons explaining the importance of SEO for local businesses and why you need to invest in an SEO strategy:

1. SEO Improves the User Experience

The purpose of an SEO strategy is to appeal to both searchers and search engines across all devices. This puts the searcher top-of-mind because you want your website to contain quality content, be easy to navigate, and work on desktop or mobile devices. This improves the user experience and makes it easier for searchers to learn more about your business or contact you to become your customer.

2. SEO Can Provide Insights to Help You Expand

A great SEO strategy encourages analyzing your reports and making adjustments based on what you find. For example, if you’re sharing your content on social media sites, you can analyze the data on who is interacting with your content and possibly identify a new demographic you hadn’t previously targeted. You can also look at your organic traffic to see if searchers from nearby cities are visiting your website that you should expand your marketing efforts to include. Using the data gleaned from your SEO strategy can provide valuable insights that may just help you expand your business.

3. SEO Supports Online Reputation Efforts

SEO and reputation management go hand-in-hand. Statistics show that 88% of consumers trust an online review as much as they would trust a recommendation from a friend. Because of this, search engine algorithms readily show online review sites like Yelp or CitySearch when users conduct searches. Putting a focus on reputation management efforts can increase your chances of attracting potential customers and help you occupy more spots on the SERPs.

4. SEO Can Provide 24/7 Visibility

Unlike PPC or display advertising campaigns where your budget is likely focused on showing ads on certain days and times, SEO can provide visibility for your website 24/7. So, even if a searcher is looking for products or services similar to yours when your ads aren’t being shown, they can see your website in organic SERPs.

5. SEO Can Improve ROI

Every marketing budget comes down to dollars and cents. What did you pay for what you got? While PPC does offer instant visibility into where your marketing budget is being spent, it only accesses a fraction of the market available for a specific keyword. Coupling PPC with an SEO strategy allows you to spread out your budget and capture potential customers searching outside of your PPC keyword strategy, which can improve ROI and net you more customers.

SEO is a valuable marketing strategy to help you reach a myriad of marketing goals like attracting new customers, improving the effectiveness of your PPC campaign, and increasing your visibility online. Learn more about the importance of SEO for small businesses on our website.

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Sean Butler

Sean is the SEO Sales Manager for the ReachLocal U.S. Eastern Region. English-born and raised, he joined the U.S. team from our Melbourne office in Australia after having been an integral part of the SEO team in that region. He enjoys the strategic elements of his role in helping businesses understand the options available to them in reaching their goals. His interests outside of ReachLocal focus on technology, equities markets, and sports.

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