5 Sweet Ideas for Your Social Media Presence in February

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s a great time to consider giving your social media presence some love and attention. We’re not suggesting that you declare your Facebook page as your valentine, but a little appreciation wouldn’t hurt. Let’s take a look at some sweet ideas for your social media presence in February.

1. Consider Your Engagement Strategy

When it comes to your social engagement strategy, what’s most important for you? Do you want to attract new followers, spread awareness, or manage your online reputation? Whatever your goals are, ensure you have a strategy in place. Make sure you post regularly, share content that’s interesting for your readers, and monitor your insights.

2. Give Your Pages a Little TLC

Make sure everything is up-to-date on your social media pages, including your business phone number, hours of operation, and other contact information. Consistent information about your business across multiple sites makes Google happy.

3. Communicate With Your Online Community

Take advantage of the way we use technology to connect with your customers online. Respond to questions and comments on social media and review sites to show how much you care about your customers and to show you’re aware of your online presence.

4. Spoil a Fan With a Contest

Consider hosting a contest on one of your social pages. It’s important to keep the guidelines simple for interested participants to enter. For example, ask people to tag a friend in a comment on one of your photos and reward them with a special offer or promotion.

5. Share Appealing Pictures

There’s no time like the present to share new pictures on your social media accounts. Upload pictures that show what happens behind-the-scenes at your business on a daily basis, feature your latest products, or candid pictures of your employees. Also, be sure to add pictures to your local listings to give potential customers a glance at what to expect.

These tips are a great way to re-establish the foundation of a healthy relationship with your online community. If you’d like help managing your social media presence, ReachLocal can help. Follow ReachLocal on Twitter and Facebook for the latest social media presence tips and tricks for your business.

Kristina Hegmann

Kristina is a Digital Marketing Manager at ReachLocal where she enjoys working with small businesses to implement creative social media and content marketing strategies. When she's not at work, she likes spending time with her family, decorating her new home, and playing with her two puppies, Ampersand and Lola.

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