5 Tools to Help You Create Captivating Social Media Posts

The cursor on a blank Twitter or Facebook post blinks, and seconds pass as you wait for a “Eureka!” to break your creative block. But, in many cases, creating great social media content has less to do with inspiration and more to do with working outside the mind — and there are a lot of tools out there to help you.

Here are some of our favorite tools to help you create captivating social media posts.


What you post should be so good that others want to be associated with your brand via shares or retweets, which places your content on others’ profiles. Incorrect grammar reflects poorly on your brand — and misspellings might be the reason you’re missing out on engagement. The solution comes with Grammarly. This browser add-on scans your posts (along with emails, entry forms, etc.) for grammatical errors and provides corrections.


When we log into our social media profiles, we scroll for efficiency rather than precision to see what we missed. Not read, but see. Eye-catching visuals determine whether your followers will halt their scroll for just a moment to see and read what you posted. Canva puts the powers of graphic design in your hands with photo editing tools, shapes and icons, fonts, and layouts with pre-set dimensions for social media posts. Never post a boring photo again.

Free Stock Photos

Grabbing a photo from Google is easy; unfortunately, this practice is not always legal. Pexels, Unsplash, and FreeImages.com each contain thousands of free and high-quality photos well suited for a modern audience. Use stock photos in posts to beautify your brand and social pages. For true design power, pair stock photos with the design options in Canva or another photo editing program.

Social Media Insights & Analytics

No need to be a statistician or mathematician to make sense of social media reporting. The comprehensible graphs and numbers contained within Facebook insights and Twitter analytics reveal information about likes, reach, and actions. Review this data for popular posts and hours so you can optimize future content according to your followers’ habits.

Social Media Ads

Put your money where your post is. Facebook ads or boosted posts allow you to create custom ads with the goal of increasing reach, engagement, clicks, and many other options. Experiment with different types of ads and calls to action to see which seems to work better for your business.

Next time you are at a loss for how to create a social media post, go beyond the imagination and put these tools to the test. You might discover your next social media strategy or have the breakthrough you’ve been wishing for.

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