5 Ways to Give Your Mobile Marketing a Boost

On average, mobile users spend 69% of their total media time each day on smartphones. That means that over half of their individual screen time is on a device no bigger than the palm of their hands that follows them throughout the day as they make all types of purchase-related decisions and research. Mobile ad spend is on the rise, too. A recent study confirms that by 2019 72% of all ad spend will be geared towards mobile.

So what does that mean for you? Well – if you aren’t currently buying into a strategy that incorporates mobile, not only are you behind the curve, but you are also missing out on a significant opportunity to influence prospects.

But how can local businesses fully take advantage of mobile? Here are five ways that you can boost your mobile marketing strategy today:

1. First Thing’s First: Your Website

It’s always a good idea to build your strategy from the ground up. Ground zero is your website. That is where users will come to research you, and it is where they may ultimately decide to buy from you. So how do you put your best foot forward in a mobile-first world? Not only will your site affect your placement on search engines, but it will also often be a prospect’s first interaction with you and your brand. For a local business, making sure your location and contact information is front and center should be priority one. Be sure a user can find or call you without having to scroll. Load times should be lightning fast, and everything, including pictures, should be able to adapt to mobile screen resolutions. Read here to learn more.

2. Get Hip to Mobile Search

Nearly 60% of searches with commercial intent begin on mobile.  Mobile search is especially important for local business since users often search from their phones when they are looking to visit you that same day. You can use pay per click advertisements to get in front of online traffic. Make sure you take advantage of ad extensions through AdWords such as location extensions and phone extensions. You can even optimize bids for certain kinds of searches to help win more mobile impressions.

3. Choose Your Audience with Geofencing

Mobile phones give advertisers the opportunity to target prospects based on location. By using geofencing, you can target your competitors or other area businesses that serve your ideal demographic. You can even set time constraints around the campaign to target a particular event such as a conference or festival. These ads appear to users in the apps on their phone for up to 30 days after they are initially targeted. Learn more about geofencing here.

4. Take Advantage of Display Networks on Mobile

When it comes to display advertising, there are a lot of networks available to you.  So how do you know whether you are getting in front of the right mobile-friendly audience? Keep in mind that not all mobile impressions are created equal. In fact, mobile impressions are increasingly weighted towards apps and less toward mobile browsers. So when you are buying ads, make sure you ask questions like: Will this get me in front of users on apps, in mobile browsers, or both? It is important to understand how these users are being targeted and to consider what a good cost would be for your industry. And if you’re working with a digital marketing company, make sure to ask them about their display networks.

5. “Likes” Matter

As more of our social interactions take place online, social media will continue to have a greater influence on our purchase decisions. In the U.S., most of our mobile time is spent interacting with social media sites. That means one easy way to develop your mobile strategy is to optimize your Facebook and Instagram ads for mobile. Make sure you are taking advantage of mobile placement and creating mobile-specific calls to action. Engaging ads will make all the difference.

As mobile continues its trek towards digital world domination, you can stay on top of your game by taking advantage of these mobile-minded strategies. Remember that small steps can make a big difference. ReachLocal is here to help if you have questions.


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As an Account Manager at ReachLocal, Sara grows customer relationships and manages digital advertising campaigns for strategic national accounts, specializing in multifamily marketing. Her experience includes an internet startup, copywriting, branding, traditional print-media advertising, and digital marketing. A proud fifth-generation Texan, she graduated from Texas Christian University and lives in central Texas with her husband and their two dogs, Grizzly and Bear.

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