5 Ways to Win in Local: Nathan Hanks Keynotes at SMB Digital Marketing 2012

5 Ways to Win in Local

Recently, leaders in small business marketing solutions gathered in Chicago for the BIA/Kelsey SMB Digital Marketing 2012 conference. ReachLocal President Nathan Hanks joined other industry leader from companies like Facebook and Google to demonstrate the power of online marketing for the SMB space.  During his keynote “5 Ways to Win in Local,” Hanks discussed several ways online marketing companies can be more successful in servicing local businesses.

Listen to his entire presentation on Slideshare:


In his presentation, Hanks discusses five key principles that local online marketing companies should keep in mind:

  1. Live among your clients to understand how they do business with local consumers.
  2. Understand the impact of Online to Offline (O2O) commerce on local SMBs.
  3. Prove ROI to your clients and avoid selling products that don’t have a transparent value.
  4. Be more than a point solution and focus on customer lifecycle management.
  5. Prove that you put your clients first.

This keynote opportunity is one of the many ways ReachLocal is solidifying our position as the leader in online marketing for SMBs and helps demonstrate our success in providing the results our clients want.

To hear more from our leaders, visit our ReachLocal News playlist on YouTube.



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