6 Elements of Successful Instagram Ads

Are you ready to get started with Instagram advertising for your business? Instagram advertising is a great way to reach a large but well-targeted audience and engage in a way that drives consumers to take action.

But first, be sure to solidify your message, budget, and audience! What is it you want those who engage with your Instagram ad to remember? How much of your budget are you able to spend? In many cases, more money may be needed to target the specific audience you are wanting to reach.

To convey your message through Instagram ads is a breeze, as long as you understand and implement these key elements of Instagram advertising.

Choosing an Eye-Catching Visual

Choose imagery that tells your story in a way that inspires emotional involvement from your audience. The goal is engagement, so your pictures need to be impactful enough to catch the user’s eye and hold their attention.

Creating an Attention-Grabbing Caption

We know a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes the words help solidify your point. Craft your caption in a way that holds your audience’s attention, and don’t be afraid of strategically placing a hashtag or two.

Determining a Clear Call to Action

Your call to action spurs people to engage the way you want them to, whether that’s visiting your website, booking a trip, or subscribing to a newsletter. Craft it carefully and succinctly to create a solid conclusion to your work.

Using the Right Tool to Create Your Ads

Once you’ve established these three elements, you can use one of several channels to craft Instagram ads that can be created within Facebook Ads Manager or in the Instagram app. Make sure to establish a business account instead of working from a personal Instagram account. You can also use Power Editor or Facebook’s Marketing API if you need to create a lot of ads at one time. Digital marketing partners are available to help you buy and manage ads at scale, engage with your community and create Instagram content.

Setting Your Budget

It is important to understand your finances so that you can set a budget while you’re setting up your campaign. The budget and schedule section will allow you to decide whether you want to establish a daily or lifetime budget and if you want to set a start/end date or let your ads run continually.

Defining Your Target Audience

Additionally, know your audience so that you can accurately target the people you want to reach. Instagram allows you to target your audience as extensively as you wish by choosing things like gender, location, age, education, interests and more.

Getting Started with Instagram Ads

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram can take businesses to new heights. Are you ready to find out where your Instagram advertising can take you? By using ReachLocal for your social advertising, you have the option of including Instagram ads with your Facebook marketing campaign. Learn more about our social advertising solution here.

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Dennis Wilson is the director of social media at ReachLocal. He was born in Spain, raised in Texas and has been a long-time resident in the social media sphere. He has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from local service providers to globally-known brands. In his free time, Dennis spends time with his wife and three kids as a music teacher, baseball coach, professional make-believe tea party companion and pseudo-MacGyver.

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