7 Mobile Marketing Stats Every Local Business Should Know

Mobile Marketing Stats

For today’s local businesses, having a robust online presence has become a necessity. But is your business up to speed on the demands for local mobile marketing as well? Here are five mind-blowing stats about mobile every local business needs to know.

1) Smartphones have hit mainstream. One significant contributing factor in the rise of mobile marketing is the dramatic increase in mobile device usage across all demographic groups. In fact, according to a report by Pew Research, an estimated 58% of American adults now use a smartphone on a daily basis.

2) Time spent on mobile devices is on the rise. Not only do a majority of adults in the U.S. own a smartphone, but they use their mobile devices almost 3 hours daily. According to a report in GeekWire, Americans spend an average of 162 minutes on their mobile devices every day.

3) Mobile is outpacing desktop Internet use. Not only has mobile adoption grown, but it’s also changing how people use the web. Increased use of smartphones and tablets is  revolutionizing the way consumers get information about products and services, as well as the way they make purchases. In fact, the majority of Internet usage no longer takes place on traditional computing devices such as desktops and laptops. According to a report from CNN, time spent on mobile applications exceeded desktop Internet usage for the first time this year.

4) Search, surf, and social media are popular mobile activities. Of time spent on mobile devices each day, people spend about 22.5% of their time using social media apps, with 17% spent on the Facebook app alone. Plus, people spend about 14% of their time using a web browser to search and surf the web.

5) Mobile searchers look for local businesses. According to one comScore report, 79% of mobile phone owners use their devices to conduct local searches.

6) Mobile searchers are looking at mobile maps for business information. The most important information that mobile searchers want to see about a local business on maps are their hours of operation (56%), special offers and coupons (37%), ratings and reviews (33%), products and services (26%), and the businesses’ website URL (24%).

7) Mobile searchers are also buyers. “Nearly 80 percent of local searches on mobile devices turned into purchases,” according to the comScore report, with about 76% of those purchases happening on the same day the user performed their local search.

When these facts are looked at together, it’s easy to see that having a robust, mobile-optimized online presence is essential for marketing your business to local customers. So how can you get started?

Bonus: 3 Tips to Boost Your Mobile Presence

1) Make Your Website Responsive

The foundation for online marketing for a local business is a sleek and modern website. But it’s not enough to just have a website that looks great on a traditional desktop computer. Today, it’s important to make sure you have a mobile-responsive site, meaning that it automatically adjusts to smaller screen sizes, such as the ones found on smartphones and tablets, while still retaining full functionality.

2) Use Mobile Advertising

Local businesses should also take advantage of cost-effective and highly targeted mobile advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Google, both of which are industry leaders in mobile advertising.

3) Claim & Manage Business Listings

Making sure your business listings are managed, claimed, and up-to-date on top sites such as Yelp, Yahoo!, and Citysearch will help your business get found in mobile search, apps, and maps.

Is your business reaching local consumers via mobile? What trends are you spotting in mobile marketing for local businesses? Share your thoughts in a comment.

Tiffany Monhollon

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