7 Tips to Optimize Your Website for Conversions [Infographic]

If you’re familiar with the consumer buying journey, you know that a website is the primary destination for your online prospects. But, many small business websites are not optimized to turn visitors into leads, causing them to lose valuable prospects. So, what does a website really need in order to drive more conversions from interested site visitors?

According to our infographic “7 Website Essentials to Land You More Leads,” 66% of small business websites lack a form-fill option and 40% of people will abandon a Web page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. If this sounds like your website, you could be losing website visitors before they contact you.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn the seven website essentials you need to drive more conversions from your site visitors.

What website features are critical to getting leads for your business? Share them in the comments!


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