7 Ways to Refresh Your Marketing with an Image Makeover in 2019

Kicking off the new year with a fresh presence online is a great way to jumpstart your online marketing efforts for 2019. One simple way to add a new element to your business web presence is with updated images. Try these ideas to refresh your marketing with an image makeover.

1. Update Your Professional Headshot

A great, professional headshot is priceless – it can convey your personality and friendliness to consumers who are considering working with your business. And, chances are, your professional headshot is something you use across both your personal and business web presence. But, many people go years and years with the same headshot, and as hair and clothing styles – and you! – change, they can easily get dated.

So, this new year, treat yourself to a brand new professional headshot and update it on your website, LinkedIn profile, social media pages, and professional or industry biography sites online.

2. Add New Homepage Images on Your Website

Adding new images to the home page of your website can update the look and feel of your business online. Today, consumers are used to a daily web experience saturated by high-quality, interesting images. So, make sure your website home page images are using the latest photography trends and include updated clothing, hairstyles, and surroundings. This can help website visitors see that your business stays up to date with trends and help build confidence in doing business with you. Swapping your home page images for more updated images will also let regular site visitors know your business is on top of things.

Plus, you can take this opportunity to make sure that your website’s images are optimized images for both desktop and mobile and that they are marked up properly for maximum SEO benefit.

3. Get New Team Photos to Represent Your Business Online

Have you added any new team members since the last staff photo you posted online? Depending on the size of your business and your website structure, you may or may not have individual headshots for everyone that works in your business. But a nice, new team photo is a great way to convey to site visitors the wonderful people they’ll get to work with if they choose your business over the competitors online.

4. Use New Images to Convey Your Latest Results, Trends, or Services

If you feature product or service photos on your website, it’s important to regularly add new, updated examples of these results so that you’re providing visual proof of results and underscoring the great work your business continues to do.

For example, adding more recent project photos to your remodeling company’s website can communicate that your business is constantly progressing and offering the latest, greatest to the consumer.

Or, using images to highlight how your team uses the latest technology in their process can instill confidence in the consumer considering your business along with others in the area.

5. Request for Happy Customers to Share Photos that Represent Doing Business with You

Another great way to liven up your marketing with fresh images is to request them from your customers! Try asking your happy customers to share or post images of projects you’ve worked on or of them using the product you offer with your business’s Facebook community or on an Instagram hashtag you create for your business. You could even do a small contest or offer a prize to drive engagement generating customer images online.

6. Update Images in Your Display & Social Media Advertising

Display ads – those that feature images – may be seen repeatedly by the consumers you target these ads to, depending on what kind of advertising and targeting you’re doing. So, make sure to regularly refresh these campaigns with new, interesting, and engaging photos to get the most out of your Facebook, retargeting, and display advertising campaigns.

7. Update Any Promotional Images for Seasonality & Timeliness (& Remove Expired Ones)

Many businesses also use images to share about promotions, offers, and sales – so make sure these are updated to reflect the latest, most accurate offers you are running. Even if the image itself may indicate an expiration date, there’s nothing more frustrating for a consumer than to realize that a promotion they saw on your website isn’t accurate anymore when they try to redeem it. Don’t just rely on fine print, scrub your website and social media pages for expired coupons and offers, and while you’re at it, you may get some ideas for how to re-promote similar offers or campaigns this year!

Images can be a powerful way to show – not just tell – consumers why they should do business with you. So, as the new year begins, treat your business to an image makeover, and enjoy the benefits of a refreshed, engaging web presence and online marketing landscape.

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