7 Ways to Reward Your Facebook & Twitter Followers

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7 Ways to Reward Your Facebook & Twitter Followers

Creating an engaged, thriving community of Twitter and Facebook fans and followers is an important part of building a dynamic web presence that can benefit your business – both online and offline. So, what can you do to reward your social fans and followers? Here are seven ways you can say “thank you” to those who follow your business online.

1) Coupons & Discounts – Sharing coupons and discounts with your Twitter or Facebook community can be a good way to not only generate more fan and follower interest, but to give your online followers a good reason to come visit you in person, too. You can do an exclusive offer just for social followers and ask them to share the discount with their friends and family to spread your social influence and generate more likes and follows. To track how your offer translates to sales, create a special code or tracking number and train staff to keep track of how many coupons are redeemed.

2) Service or Product Upgrades – A twist on offering a coupon or discount is to simply offer upgrades and extras to your fans and followers. For example, you could offer priority scheduling or premium product for fans and followers who visit your business on a certain day of the week. Be strategic when offering an upgrade, and make the extra cost worth the investment by offering the upgrade only on the day of the week or hour during the day your business is typically slower than the rest.

3) Exclusive Tips & Announcements – Give your fans and followers insight and tips about your business to help build the relationship and create some buzz around your brand online. For example, a sandwich shop could create a “Twitter Special” available by request only. Or, a service business could announce an empty appointment hour at a discounted rate to the first Twitter or Facebook followers to call to book that time slot.

4) Special Events – For local businesses, customer appreciation events are a great way to share your gratitude with loyal customers. In the social media world, “tweetups,” which are events where Twitter acquaintances meet each other in real life, are a popular event type. You can take a page from both event types and create a special fan and follower meetup at your business, even integrating check-in sites like Foursquare to hold a swarm party. You can also involve your fans and followers in other events your business hosts onsite or around the community. Events are a great way to generate other media for your web presence as well, such as images and video, so you can ask fans and followers to share pictures of your business events on your Facebook page, too.

5) Fan Recognition – It may sound simple, but recognizing fans and followers online can be a great reward. Simply interacting with your fans on Twitter, or thanking Facebook followers when they comment on your page or engage with your content can be a form of social reward. Take this idea a step further and create an ongoing program, like a “fan of the week” or “getting to know you” feature, where you select a fan, notify them of the recognition, and then recognize them publicly on your page as a way to say thank you.

6) Loyalty & Reward Programs – If you have a loyalty or reward program in your business, find ways to integrate a connection to your business on Facebook and Twitter into your program. For example, you could offer customers an extra 100 reward points when they follow your business. Or, if you have a punch card reward program, you could create a special card with one less punch required for people who follow your business online!

7) Contests & Drawings – Contests are a fun way to not only reward fans and followers, but to build buzz around your brand online as well. You can give away cash or prizes, or tie the incentive into your business by offering a nice product or service as the prize. The sky is the limit with creating contests, and they can be a great way to get your fans and followers engaged online. For example, some local businesses create testimonial video contests, where they have fans submit videos of why they love the business, or others have participants take and share creative pictures with their products or services. With any giveaway, promotion, or contest, make sure to have contest guidelines and consult with an expert on legal requirements you are unsure of. If you want to host a contest on Facebook, make sure you understand the site’s new promotion guidelines, like that all contests run on the site must use an app.

These are just seven ways you can reward social fans and followers. Have you used any of these ideas in your local business? What have you seen other businesses do to reward their fans? Share your thoughts on social rewards in the comments!

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