9 Elements of Text Ads That Convert

It can be frustrating to write your text ads when there’s a limited space to express all the awesome things about your business. But, with a bit of creativity and a few simple tricks, you can write winning text ads to gain more leads from your PPC campaign. Here are nine elements of text ads that can help you convert more searchers into customers:

1. Get Detailed with Ad Extensions

Paraphrase what your business does instead of trying to list every service you offer in one ad – that’s what structured snippets are for. If you’re a plumber who helps with clogged drains, pipe fitting, leaky faucets, toilet installations, shower repairs, and a whole list of other plumbing services, your ad can simply say “Full Service Dallas Plumber.” Then use a structured snippet to list out all of the different services your team offers.

2. Use Keywords From Your Website in Your Ads

By using keywords and phrases directly on your website you can increase your quality score. This helps your ad to be more relevant within the search and can help lower your cost per click.

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3. Include Your Location

It’s important to include your location within your text ad. If you own a tree service in Denver, then your ad could say something like “Certified Denver Arborist.” This allows people to quickly see whether or not you’re within their service area without costing you a click.

4. Choose the Most Relevant Landing Page for Each Ad Group

Your landing page is very important to the success of your campaign. By choosing the correct landing page for each ad, you’ll have a better chance at converting leads that land on your website. If you’re a florist, I would recommend having an ad group for each type of arrangement you offer, and then pointing your ads to the corresponding page on your site. For example, if you offer floral arrangements for weddings, create a landing page solely for that service so brides can easily find that information and will be more likely to choose you over your competitors.

5. Use Camel Caps

You may have noticed in all of my examples that I capitalize the first letter of every word. This is called camel capping, and it’s a Google best practice for better quality score, and it helps your ad look more professional.

6. Make Sure all Offers in Your Ads are on Your Website

This also helps with quality score, and your quality score makes a big difference to where your ad is positioned within the auction. With the new ad placements on Google, being in position three instead of position four could really impact your campaign.

7. Create Urgency in Your Calls to Action

By creating a sense of urgency with your call to action, it causes prospective customer to act faster. “Call Us Now” and simply saying “Call Us” can be the difference between someone calling you today rather than someone looking at your site then saying “meh, I’ll call them tomorrow.” We all know that there is no call coming in tomorrow.

8. Make Effective Use of Your Space

If possible, use an ampersand instead of spelling out “and.” You can also use well-known abbreviations such as Appt for Appointment. Avoid using abbreviations that can be easily confused or are not well known as this can harm your campaign more than help it.

9. Don’t Use All Caps or Excessive Punctuation

We know you’re excited about the new line of A/C units you’re selling, but Google really frowns upon showing it in all caps with five exclamation points.

You’re now armed with the skills to write great text ads that will convert searchers into customers and help you stand out within your auctions. Get more tips for creating great text ads on our blog, and visit our website for information about how ReachLocal can help you run an effective PPC campaign with our search advertising solution, ReachSearch.

Jenn Fitzsimmons

Jenn is a Marketing Expert at ReachLocal who is passionate about digital marketing and creating marketing solutions for entrepreneurs so they can focus on running the day-to-day operations for their business. With a lifelong interest in technology and the evolution of the internet, she is always searching for what is coming next to the industry to ensure her clients are ahead of the curve and ahead of their competitors.

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