9 Types of Holiday Shoppers & How to Reach Them [Infographic]

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, with reports of record online shopping and mobile shopping up dramatically over the long holiday shopping weekend. Millions shopped over Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

But the holiday shopping season continues, with some of the biggest shopping days of the year still ahead. So, how can small businesses appeal to holiday shoppers throughout the season? We put together this handy infographic to share about nine types of holiday shoppers so all types of local businesses, from retail to services and more, can better reach these local consumers.

The holiday shopping season is here, and it’s a big one for local businesses.

$5.5 Billion was spent at locally-owned businesses on Small Business Saturday 2012 (That’s just one day!)

Experts predict an 11% increase in holiday spending this year.

So, what can you do to capitalize on this shopping trend? Here’s a look at the nine types of holiday shoppers and how your local business can reach them, whether they’re just starting their buying journey or are already a loyal customer.

The Doorbuster

“May the best deals win!”

  • Infamous for packing retail stores and malls on Black Friday
  • Eager for door-busters, discounts, coupons, and offers
  • Loves to share deals and finds with their friends and family via social media
  • Will go to great lengths to find great deals, online, in print, on email lists, you name it

Of the 53.9% of shoppers who use social media in-store, 66.4% of them update their status to tell friends about the deals they discover.

Tip: Create and promote deals, offers, and coupons that are designed for deal-seekers to share with other holiday shoppers.

The Online Shopper

“I research and find gift inspiration online and purchase items without leaving home.”

  • Researches online to find the best gift ideas, prices, and availability
  • Enjoys the ease and convenience of online shopping
  • Shops high-volume days like Cyber Monday
  • Turns to sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram for gift ideas

This year, nearly half of consumers plan to buy holiday gifts online.

Tip: If you aren’t an ecommerce business, offer options to appeal to online shoppers, such as coupons, deals, and gift certificates that can be shared online and redeemed on less busy days. If you’re in ecommerce, offer reduced rate or speedy shipping options and easy returns.

The Shopping Connoisseur

“I want to see, taste, touch, and feel my shopping experience.”

  • Enjoys the full holiday shopping experience that delights the senses
  • Does online research to find which local stores carry products they want
  • Prefers shopping in-store to purchasing items they can’t see or test online
  • Appreciates thoughtful, helpful customer service

90% of U.S. retail sales are projected to occur in brick-and-mortar stores.

Tip: Appeal to this shopper’s sense of tangibility with beautiful window and product displays, in-store taste testing, complimentary beverages, gift-wrapping services, customer appreciation events, and other thoughtful and customer-centric holiday experiences.
The Do-It-Yourself Consumer

“Adding my own touch is an important holiday tradition for me.”

  • Takes on DIY projects to prepare for holidays, like home improvements, cooking, and creating gifts or décor
  • Seeks DIY inspiration from sites like Pinterest and Instagram
  • Seasonally purchases supplies and help to complete DIY projects
  • May turn to services to complete some tasks or purchase handmade goods

31% of consumers plan to spend more on home improvements, remodeling, landscaping, and décor than they did this time last year.

Tip: Appeal to DIY shoppers by offering “cheat sheets” on how to create their own recipes, gift baskets, projects, and home décor with the products and services you offer, or offer deals to help them finish up projects they may run out of time to complete.

The Artisan Enthusiast

“Handmade or local purchases are a source of pride for me.”

  •  Will pay a premium for locally-made or hand-crafted goods, food, and services
  • Enjoys getting to know or meet the artisan, owner, or creator of purchases
  • Shops both in person and online for unique items, experiences, and services
  • Likes discovering and promoting new artisans and local businesses
  • Often seen as tastemakers or influencers in the community

With over $117.8 million in goods sold, December 2012 was a record-breaking month for Etsy, an online marketplace to buy and sell handmade goods.

Tip: Attract and entice these enthusiastic shoppers with exclusive “sneak peek” holiday shopping events, or partner with other local businesses, products, and services to offer “taste of local” gift packages.

The Conscious Consumer

“I want to know my shopping makes a difference.”

  • Supports causes, charities, and community groups
  • Chooses stores supporting charities through proceeds or matching gifts
  • Enjoys giving gifts that make a lasting impact
  • Thoughtful and intentional in their shopping and purchases

Charity giving is highest at the end of the year, with some organizations reporting 30% of annual gifts being given in December.

Tip: Encourage these conscious shoppers by supporting a social good, charity, or community group or partnering with one on an event or fundraiser.

The Holiday Over-Achiever

“Don’t worry, I’ve got gift giving and décor months ahead of time.”

  • Meticulously selects just the right gift for everyone on their list
  • Continues holiday shopping into the season with a focus on food and events
  • Takes time for planning, order, and organization

40% of people start shopping for the holidays in October.

Tip: Appeal to this shopper’s love of order by offering checklists, recipes, and organizational tips, and incentivize them to choose you with early-shopper discounts or frequent shopper rewards.

The Last-Minute Shopper

Oops, I forgot!”

  • Forgoes shopping for gifts and food until the last possible minute
  • Rushes to the most convenient locations at less-than-convenient times
  • May not have a list or plan and often over-purchases due to poor planning
  • Relies on mobile device to discover stores, locations, and service hours

Mobile is expected to have an impact on 87% of holiday purchases.

Tip: Make sure your local listings are claimed and your site is mobile-ready so you show up well on smart phones. Offer extended hours and convenience in the form of delivery, customization, or other ways to make the consumer’s last-minute thoughtlessness appear more thoughtful (at a premium).

The Holiday Entertainer

“’Tis the season to entertain!”

  • Hosts holiday gatherings for colleagues, groups, friends, and family
  • Appreciates a well-decked holiday home for guests to enjoy
  • Searches online for party themes, décor, food, and beverage ideas to delight
  • A busy social calendar means less time for shopping and errands

91% of Americans made festivity-related purchases during the holidays for items such as holiday food, décor, or alcoholic beverages.

Tip: Appeal to these shoppers by offering seasonal services like Christmas light hanging, valet services, party catering, and maid services. Target online shopping and convenience offers to these time-strapped shoppers to help them stay on top of gift giving.

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