Geofencing & the Auto Industry: What You Need to Know

We’ve talked about the reasons you should invest in a geofencing strategy, but what about specific examples of using geofencing for your auto dealership or car repair shop? Geofencing is especially effective for businesses in the auto industry because of the ability to target consumers directly through their smartphones. Here are three ways to make geofencing work for your auto business: Target Shoppers at Your Dealership Geofencing gives you the ability to target shoppers when they’re on your lot or

3 Tips to Get Your Local Business Started with Geofencing

Are you looking for a hyperlocal way to target new and potential customers for your business? Geofencing is an effective way to reach smartphone users when they’re near your business (or your competitor’s business) through location-based mobile ads. If you’re ready to get started with geofencing for your local business, here are a few tips to help you create and maintain an effective strategy for your business. Know Your Target Client Geofencing is designed to target a certain geographic area;

Why Should I Care About Geofencing?

We walk and drive around with our smartphones all day long, and most of us are usually within three feet of our phones 24/7. But, did you know that same amazing device that allows us to order a ride home via Uber or buy things on Amazon also provides a marketing opportunity for business owners attempting to gain your attention as you move closer to their business? From a marketing standpoint, it is one of the most hyperlocal targeting strategies

How to Reach Mobile Consumers with Geofencing [Infographic]

It’s important to market your business to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time. However, consumers are constantly on the move, which means it’s getting harder for businesses to reach them effectively. Luckily, there’s a local advertising tactic that enables businesses to reach consumers directly through their mobile devices. Geofencing allows your local business to use mobile advertising to get in front of more local consumers when they are on the go. Read our infographic

Mobile Advertising FAQs: 4 Local Geofencing Features You Need to Know

With 75% of smartphone users relying on location for their search results on the internet, it’s no wonder why many businesses have already started using location-based advertising. Geofencing is a hyper-local mobile advertising technology that can help you reach more consumers when they’re out and about. But, what exactly is geofencing, and how you can use it to your advantage? Read our FAQs about geofencing below. What is Geofencing? Geofencing is use of a virtual perimeter using Wi-Fi, GPS, or

3 Ways to Make Geofencing Work for Your Business

Have you heard of geofencing? This mobile display advertising tactic allows you to target users who enter a specific area around a location like your business or your competitor’s business and show your ad on their mobile device. Here are three ways to make geofencing work for your business. 1. Target Your Competitors’ Customers Say your potential customers frequent one of your competitor’s locations. With geofence advertising, you can set up an invisible “fence” around your competitors’ locations and target their

3 Geofencing Stats You Need To Know

Geofencing is a local-mobile advertising tactic that allows you to target smartphone users once they enter a certain radius you set up. Not only is geofencing a relatively new advertising tactic, but it’s also highly effective at targeting consumers when they’re likely ready to buy. Here are three geofencing stats that will convince you to invest in a geofencing strategy: Only 22% of businesses say they’re using hyperlocal targeting to its full potential. According to Search Engine Watch, only 22%

3 Ways to Use Geofencing to Drive Small Business Saturday Sales

Small Business Saturday is a great initiative that encourages shoppers to support local businesses as they make their holiday purchases. One marketing strategy that is extremely useful around Small Business Saturday is geofencing. Geofencing gives you the ability to target mobile shoppers as they’re near your (or your competitor’s) business – making it ideal for reaching on-the-go shoppers. Here are three ways you can use geofencing to drive Small Business Saturday sales. 1. Set Up Targeting Around Your Competitors’ Locations

Why You Should Use Geofencing to Target Your Audience

In our latest 5 in 15 Webinar: 5 Ways to Target Your Audience Online, we learned valuable information about targeting the right customers online. One valuable targeting tactic local businesses can benefit from is geofencing, a display targeting tactic that helps you reach prospects in a certain area through their mobile devices. Here are some benefits of geofencing from our webinar. Get the Webinar: 5 Ways to Target Your Audience Online Targets Prospects Near You & Finds New Audiences Geofencing

What is Geofencing & Why Should Your Local Business Care?

You’re probably already familiar with a number of local targeting terms, but have you heard of geofencing? This relatively new term, geofence marketing, sounds complex, but it’s really pretty simple. What is Geofencing Marketing? Basically, geofencing is a location-based mobile technology that lets you define a precise, hyperlocal geographic area for a specific mobile use or application. In terms of geofencing marketing, this virtual “fence” allows you to target only people (via their mobile devices) within that defined area with