How Local Listings Can Improve Your Web Presence: 4 Benefits

Are you having trouble improving your online presence? Do you want to get in front of the right audience and drive customers to your store or website? Learn four ways managing your local listings can help you improve your web presence: 1. It Can Drive Visits & Contacts If you don’t have the right information about your business online, prospects have no way of getting in contact with you. Have you ever tried calling a business but the number is

5 Need-to-Know Tips for Managing Local Listings

Google releases update after update hoping to improve the search experience for their users. Other search engines follow suit. And the more local-focused they become, the more important it is to make sure you are managing your local listings so that you can make sure you are found by prospects in their moment of need. But where to start? Here are five tips to make local listings management more manageable. 1. Get Your Business on the “Big Hitters” There are

Local Listings Management: 4 Essential Things to Know

Marketing your business should be fun. Whether you’re hosting a unique event or reposting cool photos from your fans on social media – connecting with your customers (existing and potential) is the most rewarding part of this thing we call marketing. But diving head first into the “fun stuff” can be detrimental if you don’t take care of the essential details first. Those essentials are most often what leads your customers to your business – both online and offline –

Are You Making These 3 Mistakes With Your Local Listings?

If you joined our first 5 in 15 webinar: 5 Ways Bad Listings Cost You Customers, you heard some common problems local businesses face when it comes to listings and tips for making sure your local listings are attracting customers, not turning them away. Ask yourself these important questions to make sure your listings aren’t losing you business: 1. Have You Claimed Top Local Listings? One of the top issues local businesses face when it comes to local listings is

True Story: How Bad Local Listings Cost You Business

Recently, I was sitting in a waiting room for an appointment, making use of this unproductive time by checking things off the to-do list for an upcoming birthday party. High on the list: call my favorite local bakery to pre-order cupcakes for the event so I could pick them up on time. Easy, right? I did what most of us would do in a situation like that. I pulled out my smartphone, opened my Google Maps app, and typed in

5 Tips for Your Local Listings Strategy

Local listings are an important part of your web presence that help local searchers find information about your business across online directories, search engines, and various map applications, either on desktop or mobile. Local listings are also important because they help you maintain consistency across the web, which can boost your SEO efforts. Check out 5 tips that can help you organize and plan your local listings strategy. 1. Focus On Top Online Directories When it comes to getting your business

Are Your Local Listings Costing You Business?

Do you know if your business information is correct across directory listings, Google, and Yelp? In a recent survey, we discovered that 100% of respondents have found incorrect information about their business on local listings. When your business information is incorrect on these sites, you’re missing out on customers who are actively searching for your products and services in your area. Accurate business information on listing sites is especially important in today’s world, where 61% of local searches lead to

Report: 100% Say They’ve Found Incorrect Local Listings Information

Local listings are not only an important search ranking factor, but they’re also a valuable resource when it comes to researching local businesses online and making a purchasing decision. So, having incomplete or incorrect business information on your listing sites, like an old address, inaccurate hours, or a mis-typed phone number, makes it that much harder for potential customers to find your business or contact you. This provides a negative user experience and decreases the chance that consumer will continue

Google’s 3-Pack Shakes up Local Listings

Google’s latest update to how it displays search results impacts the local pack, often referred to as the “7-pack.” Now, instead of showing seven results in the local pack, Google shows only three local results. This change has led to a large increase in how often the local pack appears in the number one spot. While the 7-pack occupied the number one spot in only 25% of searches, a recent study shows that the 3-pack appears in this spot 93%

Local Listings 101: Why They Matter to Your Business

Having claimed, updated, and consistent local listings for your business is a must today. But, what do we mean by local listings? And, where should you start? Here’s an overview of what local listings are, where you should manage them, and why they are so important to your business’ web presence. We also explain why local listings management is so important. What are Local Listings? Local business listings, or local directories, are online informational sources that contain basic information about