An App for That: Is Your Small Business Ready to Get Mobile?

As social media use has become more widespread, more and more businesses are using social media for marketing. Now, another trend is becoming widespread – and may prove to be a very powerful platform for marketing your small business: mobile computing.

A recent report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project showed that along with the growth in smart phone use, the use of cell phone apps is on the rise. Currently, 35% of adults have cell phones with apps – defined by Pew as end-user software applications that extend a phone’s capabilities. And, though many phones are pre-loaded with apps, 24% of U.S. adults actually use apps.

Image Credit: Pew Internet & American Life Project

Why does the growth of cell phone app use matter? Those using apps may be prime demographics for targeting marketing efforts towards. The report also showed that:

  • People who use cell phone apps use them frequently
  • Those who use apps are younger, more educated, and more affluent than other cell phone users

Whether or not your small business is ready to think about having an app, this report is a good reminder that mobile cell phone use is a quickly growing area of communication, with vast potential for marketing.

As more people use mobile apps, this will drive an increase in instantaneous consumer updates, check-ins, and social media interactions.

Does your small business have a plan for mobile marketing? Have you seen examples of small businesses using apps, mobile web sites, or other interesting tactics you’d like to share? Talk back in the comments section.

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