Anatomy of a Search Engine Results Page [Infographic]

In October 2012 alone, U.S. Internet users conducted 17.6 billion direct search engine queries. And, almost a quarter of the search queries on Google have a local intent. Now that so many consumers use search engines to look for local businesses, getting your business listed on the search engine results page (SERP) is critical to getting more customers to your business. To ensure potential customers can find you online, it’s necessary to optimize pages like your website, business blog, local directory listings, social media pages, content sites, and more to appear in search.

So, what do consumers see when they search online? To find out, check out our “Anatomy of a SERP” infographic, which illustrates the different parts of a search engine results page where you can show up to potential customers. Then, read on for some useful tips you can use to optimize your content so that your pages appear higher in the results so more consumers find your business when they search online.

Do you have any questions about the search engine results page? If so, let us know in a comment.

Tara Banda

Tara Banda is a digital marketer in Dallas, TX and a Content Marketing Manager for ReachLocal. She focuses on helping businesses develop their voice in order to connect and engage with the right audiences. Tara has worked on campaigns and promotions – including social media, email marketing, video, advertising, guerrilla marketing, and event marketing – for both small businesses and globally recognized brands. In her spare time, she likes to cook.

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