Announcing ReachEdge to Help Local Businesses Get More Customers

ReachEdge Marketing System

If you’re like other local businesses, you’re looking for ways to get more customers from your marketing spend. But the problem is, you are unknowingly leaking good leads from your marketing efforts. That’s because you may not have a website that’s built for conversions, don’t follow up with leads quickly or regularly, and don’t know which of your marketing sources are working.

To help you solve these problems, we’re announcing ReachEdge, our new marketing system that helps you eliminate costly leaks while driving more customers from your marketing.

ReachEdge is a total marketing system that includes a smart website, automated lead management software, and a powerful mobile app that work together to get you more leads and customers. ReachEdge:

  • Gets you more leads with a smart, mobile-friendly website that’s optimized for conversions like calls, emails, and form submissions
  • Alerts you via email or mobile to every new lead, so you never miss a customer opportunity, and builds your lead list automatically
  • Reminds you and your staff to follow up with new inquiries and hot leads so you turn more of them into customers
  • Automatically emails active leads with offers, promotions, and testimonials, etc. that keep you top of mind as they make a buying decision
  • Shows you exactly where your leads and customers are coming from, such as paid advertising, organic marketing, and social media, so you can make better decisions about your marketing budget

Watch the video below to see how the ReachEdge system automates your marketing to get you more customers.

In short, we built ReachEdge so you don’t have to worry about managing multiple, disparate systems to get more customers. This integrated system engages and converts more site visitors, ensures you never miss a new lead, automatically follows up with your best leads, and shows you your ROI, all so you can get more customers.

Learn more or contact us to discover how our total marketing system can help your business get more customers online.


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