Announcing ReachSEO: Helping Drive Leads, Show ROI from Organic Search

Announcing ReachSEO: Helping Drive Leads, Show ROI from Organic Search

We’re excited to announce the launch of ReachSEO™, a best-practice search engine optimization solution that helps local businesses drive more organic search traffic to their ReachEdge website, which is designed specifically to convert those visitors into leads – and sales.

Because ReachSEO works directly with our ReachEdge marketing system, which provides a conversion-optimized website, integrated lead management, and mobile reports, it offers valuable insight into your ROI, making it clear exactly what leads and customers you’re getting from SEO.

ReachSEO helps local businesses drive organic traffic to their websites in four key ways:

  1. Keyword identification and publishing: ReachSEO boosts existing ReachEdge websites with content and topics specific to the products or services businesses want to show up for in organic search results. We work with SMBs to identify top keywords and apply them to content, and meta descriptions to optimize the sites.
  2. Content creation, optimization, and publishing: With ReachSEO, businesses get original articles and an infographic related to the core topics the business has selected regularly published to their blog. This not only boosts SEO, but social sharing capabilities also help drive visits and backlinks.
  3. Social media integration: An integral part of our ReachSEO offering, businesses get optimized social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, which consumers can discover via organic search. And, by regularly syndicating relevant blog content to these pages, ReachSEO helps businesses attract more fans, followers, and website traffic.
  4. Local SEO: Getting found in local search results is crucial for businesses. So, ReachSEO emphasizes business’ local SEO through claiming and optimizing their listings on over 200 sites and directories, such as Google Maps, Yelp, and Foursquare, to help more consumers discover their business when they search locally.

Uniquely, this combined solution enables local businesses to see real results from their organic search marketing efforts. By tracking conversions like calls, emails, and Web forms that come from organic sources like search results, social media, and local directories, ReachSEO and ReachEdge provide businesses with key insights into their marketing performance that help them finally know their true ROI.

Visit our website to learn more about ReachSEO and ReachEdge.

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