Announcing the 2014 ReachLocal Star, Vinayak Joshi

ReachLocal Employee Recognized With ReachLocal Star Award

One of the things we take immense pride in at ReachLocal is the people we get the opportunity to work with every day. And, one of the ways we celebrate our people is through the ReachLocal Star Award, an annual global recognition of an employee who embodies all of our core business values throughout their professional and personal life.

This year, the honor goes to Vinayak Joshi, a Finance Executive in our ReachLocal India office. Vinayak began his career at ReachLocal in 2012 as a German Keyword Analyst and later transitioned to his role as Finance Executive. In these management roles, Vinayak says he has loved both being responsible for creating and growing a team from scratch as well as taking an established team to great heights.

For his contributions and commitment to ReachLocal, Vinayak received a crystal award, a cash prize, and a donation the charity of his choice. Vinayak says he would like his award to go to an organization that focuses on helping underprivileged or differently-abled children receive an education. “I believe that children are the future of world and their future is in our hands,” he said.

We sat down with Vinayak to talk about his experience working at ReachLocal. Here’s what he had to say.

Q: What has contributed to your success at ReachLocal and how has teamwork played into it?

A: From the first day that I joined ReachLocal, I tried to learn as much about the business as possible. I not only complete my own tasks, but I also lend a helping hand to others. This has allowed me to gather a vast pool of knowledge about almost all the processes present in ReachLocal India. It’s always been important to me to understand where the company is heading and to track its changes and performance. Although I am just a small contributor to the performance of the larger business, I believe that we as a team can drive the success of the company.

I am greatly dependent on the support, trust, and management I get at ReachLocal. My team is my biggest motivator. My managers have always supported me throughout my journey. Despite being a global company, we function as one. I’ve received superb assistance and mentoring from other teams across the world, especially from the European team. Although we are miles apart, it never feels that way.

Q: What motivates you to work hard and do a good job?

A: I have a constant hunger to learn more and achieve the targets that I have set for myself. I find myself saying, “You have a problem? I have a solution!” quite often!

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at ReachLocal?

A: My favorite thing is the culture. We don’t just come to work. We come to our second home to better our careers, grow the company, and have fun while doing it! It’s rare to have an organization give away a cash prize, part of which is donated to charity, to honor an outstanding employee. I am very proud to even be close to the stature of others who have received this award.

Q: Describe your biggest accomplishment in your career at ReachLocal.

A: My biggest accomplishment was when the macros that I developed were recognized globally. To see them being so widely used, by people who don’t even know me, made me so proud! And for my peers to recognize this accomplishment and my dedication to the company as worthy of a Star Award nomination is overwhelming. Since joining the company, I’ve always had my eyes set upon this achievement. I can’t think of a bigger accomplishment than being chosen as a ReachLocal Star.

We are all extremely proud of Vinayak and extend our warmest congratulations!

To learn more about the ReachLocal Star Award, see previous winners, or to learn about why other people enjoy working at ReachLocal, visit the ReachLocal website!

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