Award-Winning Lead Conversion Software Available for Local Business Websites

ReachEdge Award Winning Software Attribution Analytics

ReachEdge Wins Local Search Association Award

We’re thrilled to announce that ReachEdge, our lead conversion and marketing automation software for local businesses, won the Local Search Association’s Ad to Action award for attribution and analytics, thanks to its ability to best drive consumer actions like calls, clicks, and visits for local businesses.

“ReachEdge software provides local businesses with the tools needed to measure ROI from all their digital marketing efforts, and does so with accessible, easy-to-use software and services,” said Neg Norton, President of the Local Search Association. “ReachEdge offers analytics and reports that help local businesses maximize their campaigns, engage consumers and drive sales. These capabilities embody the spirit of the LSA Ad to Action Awards, and we’re delighted to name ReachEdge the winner for attribution and analytics.”

ReachEdge Available for More Websites & Platforms

With this announcement we are also sharing that ReachEdge software is now available for a variety of websites and platforms. Previously, ReachEdge software was exclusively available to ReachLocal clients who had purchased a ReachSite responsive website. Now, more local businesses can have access to the power of our lead conversion software to help them capture more leads, turn them into customers, and finally see how all their marketing sources are working to drive real results, by adding ReachEdge’s tracking code to their existing websites.

ReachEdge is the only solution that lets local businesses track leads from all their marketing sources, capture and nurture leads, convert leads through automatic reminders, and understand all the data they need to get the most from their online marketing.

“Our move to make ReachEdge available for any website is part of a larger strategy to ensure that online marketing is more accessible, transparent and easier for local businesses,” said Sharon Rowlands, CEO, ReachLocal. “This announcement builds on the foundation of simplicity and transparency we’ve already established through the expert service we provide with our software and the enhanced reporting. We plan to continue to build on these efforts throughout 2015.”

How Award-Winning ReachEdge Lead Conversion Software Works

Enhanced Lead Conversion Features 

The key features of ReachEdge lead conversion software include:

  • Lead and call tracking technology that captures leads by marketing source; records calls and allows businesses to play them back, rate them and respond to leads; creates a prioritized lead list that stores contact details like name, email address, business location, phone number, day and time of call, and call recording for each contact; and tracks results from ReachLocal and non-ReachLocal campaigns.
  • Mobile app and alerts that notify businesses each time they get a new contact from their site; organizes and routes leads based on geography, office and/or employee; provides an in-app summary report of top lead sources and engagement rate with new leads; lets businesses view prioritized lead lists, update contact information, listen to recorded calls and categorize contacts into groups; and provides one-touch classification of new leads that kicks off lead nurturing emails and staff follow-up notifications.
  • Lead notifications and nurturing that provides mobile (SMS and in-app) notifications to remind business owners and staff to follow up with leads; a daily digest email of all new contacts and top leads; and a series of automated marketing emails that help businesses stay in front of their leads.
  • ROI reports and insights that provide 24/7 availability to businesses via their web portal and a mobile app; source reports that show the marketing sources of visits, contacts and leads; a timeline view of all new contacts, including when each phone call, email or web form submission was received; trend reports that show the exact days and times contacts occur; engagement reports that show how well businesses are converting new contacts into leads and customers; and estimated customer revenue that shows businesses their marketing ROI.
  • Marketing experts from ReachLocal that provide complete setup of ReachEdge software and integration with business’ websites; setup and configuration of new contact alerts and staff notifications; setup of new contact auto-response and lead nurturing emails; and review of reports and recommendations to improve website and online marketing performance.

Capture, Convert, Know The Power of Lead Conversion SoftwareHow Can ReachEdge Help Your Local Business?

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