Better Lead Generation: Getting the Conversion

Does your website look great on desktop and mobile? Does it contain multiple ways for prospects to contact you, like phone, email, and chat? Does your staff answer inbound calls quickly and helpfully? Do you have a process for checking inboxes and organizing your leads? If you answered no to any of these questions, your website and sales process might be what’s holding up your lead generation efforts.

Make Sure Your Website Works

First thing’s first: make sure your website functions well and delivers a great experience on both web and mobile to reduce bounces that could be negatively impacting your site’s conversion rate. Then, verify that all phone numbers, forms, and emails present work correctly and that they’re paired with compelling information and calls to action that drive site visitors to contact you.

Find New Ways to Bring In Leads

Relying strictly on a phone number and form on your website to capture leads could be hurting your business, especially if consumers are coming in after hours. An additional lead intake method, like live chat, can help capture additional leads from your site visitors. You can also try advertising using tactics that reduce user friction, like Facebook Lead Ads, which helps you generate leads within the platform instead of sending users to your website. 

Have a Solid Lead Handling Process

Not handling new contacts and leads effectively is a huge misstep for many local businesses, and could be the reason you’re not seeing great ROI from your marketing. If your staff isn’t answering the phones promptly, checking form submissions regularly, or sharing lead information consistently with you or your sales team, you could be missing out on a lot of leads that are ready to do business with you! If this is broken in your business, it’s an easy fix that doesn’t require a ton of money or effort. Investing in a small business marketing software that tracks leads and phone calls, stores them all centrally, and notifies you when there’s a new lead could help you overcome this common challenge and get your leads back on track.

Know What’s Working Best

The fact of the matter is, not all your marketing could be working as well as you want it to, and you don’t have time to sort through reports for each tactic to see which ones are the most effective. Using a marketing analytics tool can help you see the results of all your marketing efforts at a glance, so you can quickly gauge which ones work best and invest in the ones that drive you leads.

Improve Marketing ROI

When you have visibility into how prospects are coming to your business and what happens when they try to contact you, you can start to identify and repair any potential breakdowns in your marketing, website, or lead management efforts. Learn more about our lead management software, ReachEdge, and check out our webinar on generating leads directly from Facebook.


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