Break These 3 Habits to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Creating and executing a social media strategy is essential for your business to succeed in today’s digital world. Using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is a great way to connect with your audience online – but because each social media site reaches a different audience and can be used to attain different goals, it’s important to vary your strategy across all of your social channels. Break these three social media strategy habits to help you get more engagement on your social media sites.

1. Don’t Keep Your Posts the Same Across All Sites

Each social channel needs an individualized approach. Some of your online audience will follow your business on multiple social media sites, which is what you want, so it’s important to vary each post across your pages, even if you’re sharing the same core content. Providing unique messaging and images on each social channel will allow the people who follow you on multiple sites to have a fresh view of your content. Content that serves a purpose on one platform may not have any value on another. Taking into account which channels are the most popular regarding pictures, text, and video can be vital to the strategy you decide to follow. Additionally, coupon codes and testimonials are more popular one some channels than on others. Learning how to optimize content on your social channels can be vital to your posting strategy.

2. Don’t Ignore Analytics

Most social media platforms have analytics readily available. You can use these analytics and insights to uncover data like when your followers are online and what kind of posts they engage with the most on your page. For example, that great post you shared on Friday evening when people were stuck in traffic after work may not have gotten as much engagement or views as the post you shared on Monday morning at 9 a.m. Understanding when your audience is most likely to engage with your content is important so you can maximize your potential views and engagements on your social sites.

3. Don’t Use a One-Size-Fits-All Posting Strategy

Social media sites have different “life spans” for content, meaning the likelihood it will be seen by your audience varies across each site. For example, Facebook’s algorithm provides an opportunity for fans of your page to see an update hours, or even a day, after you’ve posted it. Twitter, on the other hand, is more immediate and has a much lower life span. It’s important to consider these differences when developing your posting strategy. You might consider posting once a day on Facebook and five times a day on Twitter. Once you find the posting strategy that works for you on each social media channel, be consistent.

Are you just getting started on social media or are you looking for even more ways to improve your social media strategy? Recognizing when, how often, and what types of content to post on each social media channel will help your brand increase traffic and engagement on these sites. Learn more about social media strategy on our blog, and share your best tips in the comments below!

Melissa Woodring

Melissa Woodring is a Marketing Expert at ReachLocal. With a background in social media, communications, and digital marketing, Melissa is focused on maintaining relationships, developing web content, and forming online strategies in order to build brand awareness. Her main focus is helping small and medium-sized business owners aim for success. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys working out, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and hiking with her dog.

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