Building Your Facebook Presence: If Your Fans Ran Your Facebook Page

How to Get More Fans
Why don’t I have more fans? Why aren’t my fans I do have liking what I say or leaving me comments? What’s going on here?!”
Most small business owners have this conversation with themselves at some point, most often when they start to build their social presence online. And believe it or not, even the most trailblazing brands who have been on Facebook for a while have these thoughts from time to time. So, how do you get people to care about your brand’s Facebook page? By putting them in the driver’s seat!
Not literally, of course. Handing over your login information to your fans could quite possibly induce public relation nightmares. What we mean is this: look at your Facebook page from the perspective of your fans to help you learn how to boost engagement.
To help you do just that, here’s a glimpse at what your fans might tell you about running your Facebook page:
1) “I want to see information that’s useful or interesting to me.”
One of the most important qualities your brand page should have is relevance to your audience. Make sure you’re posting a range of information that’s related to your industry but also really gets fans engaged. Not sure what will work? Look at things you’ve posted that have received a lot of likes or comments. And, consider asking your fans directly what kinds of information interests them. Facebook is a communications channel, after all! Also, keep the CARE formula in mind:
  • Connect – Ultimately, your business page should communicate the life of your brand and what your business is about. That is, after all, why fans like your page. Communicating information that aligns with your purpose is even more important considering that fans who engage with brands through social media develop an emotional loyalty to the brand and spend more on products and services. So, make sure you’re building a connection between your business and your fans.
  • Appreciate – Just like you love seeing 5-star reviews or comments about how terrific your business is, your fans like to feel appreciated, too. From small “Thank You” posts publicly displaying your gratitude for your fans and for their support, to “Surprise and Delight” gifts or offers, rewarding your Facebook fans is a great way to communicate your appreciation, build relationships, and encourage positive conversation about your brand.
  • RespondYou may post a clever question, an inspiring quote, or a fantastic deal that generates a lot of likes, comments, and shares. However, it’s also important to respond to fans who are engaging on your page. If your fans don’t see you joining the conversation happening on your page, it could make you look inattentive. So, when fans are engaging with your content, respond on the thread. And, when a fan posts directly to your wall, make sure to reply publicly – even a simple “Thanks for the feedback” shows you are listening to your fans. If a wall post requires more in-depth follow up, consider asking the poster to contact you privately so you can discuss the details of their post.
  • Entertain – Posting questions, videos, pictures, and links are all simple ways you can entertain your fans and keep them engaged with your brand. In addition, the milestone feature in the new Facebook Timeline layout provides an opportunity to tell your brand’s history, big moments, and share a captivating story.
2) “I thought spam was only for email.” 
Are you guilty of brand spam on your Facebook page? If you are posting 10 times per day and fans aren’t engaging, chances are you should reconsider your posting strategy. Not only can posting too often with no engagement hurt your EdgeRank score, the Facebook algorithm that determines how well content performs in the Facebook feed, it can also cause people to unfollow your brand. Instead, try posting once a day or a few times a week and gauge the responsiveness and increase your posting strategy according to the types of content, days, and times you see the most engagement. Have an important announcement or limited-time offer that you may want to share without being repetitive? You can now “Pin” the status to the top of your Timeline profile where it will stay for seven days, or until you pin a new post.
3) “I like Facebook with breakfast.” 
Recent studies show that articles posted online, including those shared on social sites, had on average the most visibility during the morning, specifically between 5-8 a.m. and 11 a.m.–1 p.m. local time. What does this tell us? People enjoy a side of social media with their breakfast and lunch. So, try scheduling some posts or sharing some links to Facebook during the morning to see if this increases your engagement rates. Again, since every Facebook page has a unique fan base, make sure you’re tailoring your posting strategy to the times people are actually engaging with your brand.
It’s also important to learn what your Facebook fans want from your brand by asking them. Fans can be very receptive to providing feedback when you ask for it, and they may give you ideas for content that you hadn’t thought of.
Have you identified Facebook strategies that work for your small business? What kind of insight have you received from your fans? We’d love to hear them! Feel free to share your experiences in the comments, or share them on our Facebook page.
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