Can You Compete with the Big Guys? 3 Ways ReachLocal Helps

ReachLocal Technology and Service Helping SMBs

It’s a question so many business owners ask themselves on a daily basis: In the face of an ever-changing economy, rapid evolution in technology, and constant shifts in consumer behavior, how can small businesses today compete with the big guys?

This small business week, we wanted to share three ways ReachLocal is driving innovation that equips SMBs across the globe with the tools and service they need to be more competitive in their local markets, reach more consumers online, and ultimately boost their bottom lines.

1.) Mobile Responsive Websites & Innovative Mobile Advertising

To compete in today’s world, the plain truth of the matter is that your business has to reach consumers via mobile. If there were still any doubts about this, just look at what search behemoth Google has done with its most recent algorithm update. It essentially put a line in the sand stating that it would start penalizing non-mobile friendly sites so that they wouldn’t show up in mobile search results.

But it’s not just technology companies that are forcing the issue to make businesses more mobile friendly – consumer behavior is really driving this trend. Consumers are spending over 3 hours a day on mobile – using search engines, sites, and apps. But are you reaching consumers in all of these places?

Whether you need a mobile responsive website, a mobile search advertising strategy, or a way to reach mobile app users in your area, ReachLocal delivers effective mobile marketing solutions to help you drive new business from mobile users.

2.) Analytics & Attribution that Prove Marketing ROI

Another way small businesses can compete with larger companies is by making data-informed decisions about what marketing to invest in based on what’s actually getting them more customers. Smarter, more informed decisions about your marketing investment means better results and the ability to do even more of what’s working.

So, small businesses need to take a page out of the big business playbook by leveraging data, insights, and performance details to fine-tune their marketing to drive better ROI. And believe it or not, there’s technology that can make this process accessible and understandable for the SMB market.

In fact, ReachLocal’s lead conversion software, ReachEdge, is already helping local businesses get more insights into their marketing. This software recently won the Local Search Association award in analytics and attribution thanks to its ability to provide local businesses with the tools needed to measure ROI from all their digital marketing efforts, helping them be more effective at their marketing and get a pulse on their marketing in a way that was previously only available to big brands.

3.) Software with Service that Delivers Value & Saves Time

Better, more effective marketing is critical to helping small businesses compete with bigger brands in today’s digital world – but so is having more time and ability to focus on their business.

That’s why at ReachLocal, we believe that software with service is what small businesses really need to get more customers. This approach pairs technology with expert service so that small businesses so they know their marketing is really getting the results they deserve. Watch the video below to hear from our CEO Sharon Rowlands about how software with service helps local businesses get better results.


Here’s to Small Business Success!

Small businesses are a vital part of our country and our economy. In fact, according to the SBA, more than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they are a large creator of new jobs each year. At ReachLocal, we’re thankful for the opportunity to work with over 20,000 local businesses and help them succeed during Small Business Week and beyond.


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