Case Study: Connecting with More Patients with Digital Marketing [Video]

One of the things we love at ReachLocal is helping our clients reach the people who need them.

So, it was exciting when we partnered with Community Hospice of Texas to help them reach more patients through online marketing.

Community Hospice of Texas has been setting the highest standards for home-based and community healthcare in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Waco, Texas, areas since 1996. Their goal is to help more patients in the communities they operate in, but they wanted to find a way to reach those patients and their families in a cost-effective way that could also help them grow brand recognition in their areas.

The powerful combination of search advertising, Facebook advertising, retargeting, live chat, and SEO work together to target prospects no matter where they’re spending time online and helps Community Hospice of Texas present consistent branding across the web.

Watch this case study video to learn more about Community Hospice of Texas’s partnership with ReachLocal for digital marketing:

As you heard, since partnering with ReachLocal, Community Hospice of Texas has seen more patients coming in after finding them online, whether through search engines, Facebook, or a display ad.

Aside from reaching new patients through online sources, Community Hospice of Texas is focused on consistent branding and communicating what they do clearly to prospects. Since working with ReachLocal and minimizing the number of vendors they need to work with, Community Hospice of Texas believes that have succeeded in remaining consistent across the web.

Facebook advertising is a newer marketing tactic for Community Hospice of Texas but one that has already started yielding results. Because more and more younger caretakers are active on Facebook, it’s a great place to reach them and provide information about the top-notch services Community Hospice of Texas provides.

Partnering with ReachLocal for digital marketing allows Community Hospice of Texas to reach more prospective patients and their families online, which allows them to help even more people in their communities.

Visit our website to read more of Community Hospice of Texas’s story.

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