Case Study: Scion Dealerships Boost Sales with ReachLocal [Infographic]

Individuality drives Toyota’s Scion brand. So, it’s no surprise the company continues to test and explore innovative ways to connect with prospective customers. To find the right marketing mix for seven of their dealerships, Scion San Francisco region partnered with ReachLocal, who provided search, display, and mobile advertising solutions. During a pilot program, ReachLocal built location-based campaigns to drive more traffic to the dealer websites and increase leads via Google AdWords. This infographic shows the campaign results at a glance:

Result #1: More Quality Leads & Traffic

By creating car campaigns focused on Scion’s ideal customers, ReachLocal generated quality traffic resulting in quality leads. ReachLocal used location targeting so only relevant prospects saw the participating dealer’s ads. These targeted advertising campaigns increased website visits by 200%, generated nearly 2,000 new calls and form leads, and drove over 28K ad clicks in a four-month period. In addition, ReachLocal search advertising brought in 56% of total new website visits to the participating dealerships.

Result #2: Increased Car Sales Year Over Year

Growing car sales was the primary goal of Scion’s marketing strategy. Scion’s campaigns not only delivered leads, but the dealerships were able to convert many of them into sales. After the pilot, Scion San Francisco Region saw a 17% year-over-year growth in car sales. One dealership attained an outstanding 134% average increase in sales year over year.

Result #3 Marketing Spend Shifted Online

As a result of the pilot with ReachLocal, Scion San Francisco Region increased its online marketing spend from a 10% allocation to an 80% allocation. In addition, results from the pilot helped to convince Scion corporate to co-fund the nationwide rollout of a similar program, so more dealers can benefit from an online marketing strategy.

Download the entire Scion case study to read more about how they reached auto shoppers online and increased sales with ReachLocal.




Scion Infographic

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