Content Marketing for Local Business: 5 Resources for Ideas

Write, Share, Post, Publish, Ask

Effective content marketing for local business can be a great way to market your business online. It starts with a plan to consistently fuel their web presence with interesting, informative, and useful content – all with your local customer in mind. But, knowing where to start can be a challenge. So, we’ve put together this list of five resources you can use to create the kinds of content that appeals most to your local customers.

1) Write Interesting and Informative Blog Posts
One of the cornerstones of local content marketing is your blog – your content hub on the web. Need ideas for blog topics you can write about? We’ve got 35 headline templates you can use to write engaging, compelling blog posts for your local business.
Resource: 35 Blog Post Ideas for Your Local Business

2) Share Compelling Videos to Engage Your Audience
Another content type that can help your content marketing efforts is video. This way, you can show – not just tell – your knowledge, passion, and ideas. Here are 10 ideas you can use to create fun and engaging videos for your small business – along with video examples of each type from real business owners!
Resource: 10 Online Video Ideas You Can Use to Promote Your Small Business

3) Post Special Offers to Spread Brand Awareness and Build Your Fanbase
Want to really get people excited about your content online? Share special offers, discounts, and promotions with your fans and followers! This can help you build online awareness about your business, because people love to share exclusive online offers with their friends. Check out this resource on what to keep in mind when running special offers online.
Resource: Do’s and Don’ts of Running a Special Offer Online

4) Publish Special Twitter and Facebook Content for Followers
Social sites like Twitter and Facebook are an important component for effective local content marketing. But don’t just share links to your videos, blog posts, and offers. Creating interesting and fun content specifically to reward your Twitter followers and Facebook fans is a great way to build community with local customers and keep them engaged with your brand – and coming back for more! Use these ideas to reward your fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter.
Resource: 7 Ways to Reward Your Facebook & Twitter Followers

5) Ask Interesting Questions to Generate Engagement
Another great content type is the almighty open-ended question. This works particularly well on social sites like Twitter and Facebook where people love to broadcast their thoughts. Check out this post to learn how to ask interesting questions that get people talking online.
Resource: HOW TO: Ask Questions that Get People Talking Online

Are you promoting your local business online through content marketing? What are your favorite content ideas? Share your thoughts in a comment!

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